It can be pretty easy to look at the adverse effects of playing video games. Parents often limit the amount of online KBH game time their kids have based on risks to their mental and physical health.

But in what ways can playing video games actually help your health? Here are some little known health benefits from playing KBH games.

Health Benefits of Playing Online KBH Games

1. Motor Skills

For younger children playing online KBH games can actually help with their motor skills and dexterity. Video games played on the Wii console tend to be really good for motor skills. Wii bowling or baseball can increase hand eye coordination and overall object motor skills.

2. Decision Making

When you play online KBH games or PC games plugged into a headset and interacting with other people it may seem more distracting than helpful. However it is shown that people who play video games often have better decision making skills. The snap decisions made in video games in order to succeed or stay alive has a positive correlation to decisions made in real life.

3. Vision Benefits

Many kids have heard their parents say that they should not sit close to the television because it will hurt their eyes. New findings show that playing video games can actually improve your vision. Video games enhance multiple aspects of vision such as keeping track of fast objects, recognizing more than one thing on the screen, and reaction time. So a bright TV in a dark room is not as bad for your eyes as we once thought!

KBH Games Playing

4. Dream Control

Multiple studies held by Jayne Gackenbach show that avid video gamers have a higher ability to control their dreams. There is a connection between virtual reality and the subconscious dream state that makes gamers more in control of their dreams and night terrors. The control of playing games actually relates to the ability to control your subconscious.

5. Memory and Focus

Playing online KBH games for many people can be considered more of an escape from reality, but that does not discount the amount of focus that comes from playing them. Video games actually can improve memory and overall mental stability. When playing video games, things such as PTSD and dyslexia were shown to decrease overtime.


Everything is better in moderation but in the case of video games there may be more good than bad. Depending on the video game there may be more benefits as well, such as physical movement, and social interaction. There are many attributes that video games are connected to that can be beneficial to the gamer. Only time will tell how much online KBH games can positively affect your overall health and wellbeing.

What other health benefits come from playing video games, online KBH games or gaming on PS5? Let us know your thoughts in comments section below.