Health is Wealth

The best investment you can make is to invest in your life. Everyone should follow the ‘Health is Wealth’ mantra, because if you really think about it – ‘Sehat hai to zindagi behad hai’ – which directly translates to a healthy life is a great one. Aditya Birla Health Insurance’s Activ Health policy is based on this very concept, rewarding you for your efforts to stay healthy.

Take a look at this video from Aditya Birla Health to see how the Activ Health policy can benefit you too:

The enthusiasm for fitness has finally found its ground with the present era. And, why not? Being fit and active helps boost your mood, improves bone density strength, and lowers the risk of developing cancer, as well as cardiovascular and metabolic issues. Basic fitness can help you get through your older years more comfortably, reducing the risk of motor neuron diseases. The Activ Health Insurance Plan is not simply a health contingency plan but ensures that you take care of your health and stay active, with incentives to help you stay motivated and on track.

The highlight of the Activ Health policy lies in its incredible reward system which motivates you to stay healthy. A person earns Active Dayz™ and gets rewarded with HealthReturnsby tracking healthy activity like walking and exercising with the Activ Health app, you can earn Activ Dayz. By completing 13 Active Dayz a month, you can get rewarded with up to 30% of your annual policy premium back as HealthReturns™.

You can also earn HealthReturns™ if you opt for a hospital room which is below the category than what you initially chose along with the policy (for example, if you directly choose ‘shared room’ instead of ‘any room’ which could give preference to a single room with higher expenses). These HealthReturns™ can be used to pay for doctor’s visits, diagnostic tests, buy medicines, Outpatient Department Expenses and as well as payment for your next premium.

Health is Wealth

You can choose between the Activ Health Essential and Activ Health Enhanced plans for a host of benefits, picking between a smart, affordable cover and a comprehensive one. Enjoy a range of features such as ‘free health check-up in the very first year’ and ‘flexibility in zone of treatment’ for the Essential plan to ‘up to 2 crores insured sum’ and ‘worldwide emergency assistance’ for the Enhanced one, this is one policy designed to cover a wide array of services and consumer health concerns. The video shared earlier can show you the benefits and help develop a fitness goal for a healthier life.

Kyunki sehat hai toh zindagi behad hai is absolutely true in today’s day and age.  This is because we tend to devout our time and energy towards our work and chores and in turn neglect our health. We need to stay active to be there for our kids and loved ones.

In order to lead a long and fulfilling life, commit to being active, eating right and taking care of your health today with the Activ Health Insurance Plan. As the tagline says, a healthy life is a great one – with more time amongst the company of those we love. And you can even earn incentives through HealthReturns™.