High-Intensity Workouts for a Younger Look

Everyone wants to look an year younger to their age today. The bulging tummy, heavy thighs and butts, un-toned arms, etc. diminish the grace that your personality seeks and ultimately you lose self confidence. To feel good about yourself and your body, it is mandatory that you embrace a good workout routine.

Here are few great workouts for you that require just little time of yours at your home and nothing else to make you proud of your body.

Let’s explain them one by one starting with the workout for upper body followed by lower body and cardio exercises, weight loss and full body workout.

  • Upper body workout takes care of arm, chest and back. Each exercise is done for 45 seconds with a rest period of 15 seconds.
  • Start with the Dumbbell forward to overhead press while shuffling side by side. Hold the dumbbells in your hands and move your arms in and out along with shuffling.
  • In alternate moves, take the arms overhead. This is followed by seal jack to a half burpee. Again hold the dumbbells, move the hands in and out. After two moves, drop down for half burpee and jump up. Add two pushups to make it more challenging.
  • The third exercise is the dumbbell squat. For this, hold the dumbbells on the shoulders and squat with the buttocks pushing out. Come back to original position with a jump and arms pushing up. Next is the moving plank where you lie on your arms and move up on the hands.
  • Dumbbell forward with diagonal punches is done by dropping into lunges and combining it with punches forward and sideways. Pushups can be done either the regular way or by dropping down these.
  • Dumbbell bent over row to a reverse fly is done by bending knees and pushing the dumbbells up and down and with alternate fly. Add a jump to make it challenging. Another variation is dumbbell Russian twist to external rotation. This is done by sitting on the butts and twisting on the sides. Dumbbell bicep curl plus and ice skater combines foot movement of the skater with arms curl.

The last exercise is triceps dips to kick. It is done with a step up. Use the step up to drop down the hips and add a kick in the rhythm.

  • This set of exercises is done for 60 seconds followed by a 15 seconds break.

Start with squat jumps by placing the feet wide and squat followed by jumping back to standing position. The second exercise is hip thrusters to bicycle crunches. For this lie on the back and lift the butt, do bicycle crunches and then hip thrusters.

To make sure you don’t miss out a step, here’s a flow of steps that allows you to get tuned to High-Intensive Routine.

Start with a warm-up

Any exercise has to begin with a warm up to make the body ready for the actual session. Warming up helps to loosen the muscles and get the blood circulation going.

Some warm up exercises that you should do before session are spot jogging, side jacks, shuffles, leg extension by dropping the heal to the floor, butt kicks, wind mill by twisting the arms and upper body on the sides, upper body twists, shoulder rotations, neck rotations etc.

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Warm up always start slow and gains momentum in subsequent repetitions. It is important to repeat all these movements equally on both sides. After the warm up, the body is energized you are now prepared to start the upper body workout regime.

#1. Dumbbell Forward to Overhead Press with Shuffle

For this you need two dumbbells weight 1 kg each. The exercise will be done in cycles of 45 secs and rest of 15sec. Start with a dumbbell in each hand and legs shuffling back and forth. Alternate the hand movement between forward and overhead. After some time if the overhead starts seeming difficult, do only the forward movement. Your upper arms will get exercised anyway.

Dumbbell Forward to Overhead Press with Shuffle

#2. Seal Jack plus Half Burpee

This is a great way to tone the upper chest. Set the timer for 45 seconds. You can do this with or without the dumbbells. If using the dumbbells, then place one in each hand and for the seal jack, open the arms in and out along with the legs.

For the burpee, rest the dumbbell or the arms on the floor and push the legs back and forth. Alternate 2 seal jacks and 2 burpees. Always add a jump to the burpee to burn more calories.

#3. Dumbbell Squat and Press Jump

Hold the dumbbells on the shoulders and drop to a squat. While squatting, push the buttocks back and keep the chest straight. The knees should not cross the toes. Come back to the original position with a jump and push the hands above the head.

#4. Moving Plank

Lie down on the mat in a plank position on the hand. Slowly drop down on your elbows and then lift the body up back to the hands. Repeat this equal number of times with both arms by alternating. This helps to strengthen and build strength in the upper body. If you are not able to hold the plank for long, you can drop on your knees and do this exercise.

#5. Dumbbell Forward and Diagonal Punch with Lunges

Pick the dumbbells and start the lunges. Combine this with punches forward and diagonal while dropping down.

#6. Pushups

Start in the plank position, with elbows flaring out, lift the body up and down. You can drop your knees down to ease out the workout. This is good for upper chest and back.

#7. Dumbbell Bent Over row to a Reverse Fly Jump

Bend the knees slightly, back straight and chest up. Move the arms with dumbbells up and down. You can alternate this with open the arms like a fly. Add a jump to this to make it complex. This exercise is good for mid to upper back.

#8. Dumbbell Russian Twist to External Rotation

Sit on your butt and keep the feet off the ground. Hold dumbbells in each hand and twist the upper body on the sides. Alternate this with arms opening in and out.

#9. Dumbbell Bicep Curl Plus Ice Skater

Hop side to side like an ice skater and add bicep curl to it.

#10. Triceps Dips to Kick

You will need a step up for this. Place your hands on the step up and move your hips up and down. Be as close to the step up as you can. You can add kicks in alternate in this exercise.

All the exercises are done for 45 seconds with a rest time of 15 seconds. You need to repeat all the exercises in continuation for best results. These exercises help you strengthen the upper body and tone it.

Step up to backward and side kick has to be done on alternately on both sides. Hip thruster to ham walk is done on the mat with hip raised and moving the feet in and out. Next comes the dumbbell overhead high knees which is jogging with dumbbells placed above the head.

In the next set of exercise, start by being on the fours and then moving the folded knees on the side and back. Curtsy lunge jump is a great cardio exercise. Lunge sideways and drop down, jump to add a cardio element. End this workout with a lateral jump on a step up. Jump and land softly

Top 10 weight loss workouts are best demonstrated here. It starts with a side burpee without pushups. Its done with hands on the floor and then jumping the legs sideways. Jump sideways and combine it with a squat. This is followed by crunch. This is done by lying on the back with knees folded and coming up for the twist. Side plank with a pulse needs to be done on both sides. Variations can be added to this to add to the challenge.

Another exercise includes jumping jacks and ply metric lunges done alternately. Climbers too push the heart rate up. Twist can be added to this buy taking the elbow to the opposite side.

Seventh is a forward and reverse lunge with a shoulder press. Hold two dumbbells and drop into forward lunges. Alternate it with side lunges. Next is a side crunch which is done by lying down and bringing up the upper body (0 degrees sumo squat jump is done continuously moving in a circle). End this workout with on the spot sprinting and ten shuffles back and forth.

We start with plank jacks. Hold the plank and move the legs in and out. Intensity can be increased as per individual requirements. This is followed by one leg step over. This is done by standing with one leg on the step up while the other moves from side to side. Another exercise is about dropping down with alternate punches. Inch worm push is done by being on the fours and moving the body ahead like an inchworm.

Next is mountain climbing which starts with a plank and moving on the sides. This is followed by a plank shuffle. Move three steps to the side and open the arms into a T. Bulgarian squat is a full body workout. Jump lateral shuffle starts with lying on the floor and raise one leg at a time to about 45 degree angle. Add Inchworm pushups, lateral shuffle kickbacks

So, all the fantabulous workouts that will work well over each and every tiny muscle of your body have been explained. Now, the choice is yours if you want to put in a little effort and get in a beautiful shape while being at home or you just want to wait for the so-called right time to hit the gym and help the gym owner prosper.



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