Headache Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Physicians may diagnose different scientific reasons for headache, but the matter of fact is that one can experience headache for reasons apparently not biological. Yes, the news is that those reasons are psychological and they directly affect our biological system, ultimate result is Headache.

Your girlfriend has dumped you, you are bankrupt or maybe you are not having the food of your desire, all these psychological pressures can affect your biological system and you may seek for Headache remedies.

They say “Money is a headache and money is the cure”, sometimes Aspirin really doesn’t work, and the money can do the trick. Similarly if you are stressed out because you are dumped by your girlfriend, a smile can be your headache remedy.

There are different types of Headaches such as:

  • Tension-Type headaches
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Organic Headaches
  • Rebound Headaches
  • Cluster Headaches

Out of all headaches, most of the headaches are tension headaches and one can feel a dull ache or a sense of tightness. Most people are born with the biology that makes them headache prone; they might experience Migraine headache which is a very complex disease usually located on one side of the head.

Headaches can ruin one’s social, domestic and corporate life as it is very difficult to live with it especially if one gets them time and time again. The best headache remedy is prevention as they say “prevention is better than cure”. A dull ache threatens future agony, to stay safe; here are some of the headache remedies related to diet:

Diet Related Headache Remedies

  • Limit Alcohol: Excessive alcohol consumption can cause serious hang over and it also is a reason of dehydration which ultimately results in a headache. Limiting Alcohol is the best headache remedy for alcoholic addicts. There are amines present in red wine that may cause high blood pressure and headaches.
  • Avoid Junk Food: Junk food is one the biggest reasons of Headache. Eating properly and regularly is one of the best headache remedies. Eating improperly and not taking the balanced diet can be very dangerous for example insufficient quantity of protein in breakfast may lead to headache later in the day. Do not over eat, as over eating can cause severe headaches.
  • Limit Chocolates: Some experts suggest that limiting chocolates can avoid headaches as it contains caffeine.
  • Drink At Least 10 Glasses of Water Every Day: Drinking water regularly slims the chances of headaches due to dehydration. Doctors suggest that one should drink at least 10 glasses of water every day to avoid headaches. Drinking water before sleep is highly recommended and considered one of the top headache remedy by experts.
  • Avoid Fried Food: Excessive consumption of fried food is not good for overall health and it can trigger headaches.
  • Avoid Soda Drinks: People have this tendency to consume soda drinks with every meal they have. Yes, it’s very addictive and it is very hard to quit soda drinks, but one can use alternatives of soda drinks such as lemon juices etc.

Physical Headache Remedies Which Can Prevent Headaches

  • Proper Sleep: Improper sleep is responsible for many types of headaches. Tiredness and sleepiness can lead to headaches; the proper way to deal with this is to set up a proper daily schedule. One must not work like freaks because it may lead to stress that is one of the reasons of headaches.
  • Exercise: Daily exercise is the best headache remedy. It is important to consult a physician and get the body examined before starting the workout program. Many people start working-out without even knowing the sensitivity and nature of their bodies, it may harm them instead of improving health. A brisk walk can relieve the headaches because it smoothes the blood flow and oxygen distribution.
  • Fresh Air: fresh air is a blessing; nowadays the life is too fast that people don’t have time for themselves. It is imperative to change the air if you are experiencing headache, a trip to hill station can be an option.
  • Hot Shower: The hot shower eases down muscle tension and improves headaches.
  • Massage: A massage therapy can contribute to relaxation. Stress is the biggest reasons people get headaches, a massage can not only address a specific complaint but it also relaxes the muscles which ultimately is a headache remedy.
  • Yoga: yoga does not only incorporate stretching and relaxation, but it also reduces stress. There are unimaginable health benefits of yoga for women and men. Yoga increases strength in muscles and muscle groups which is a remedy for headache. It reduces tension in stress carrying muscles and smoothes the body.

Psychological Headache Remedies

  • Take A Break: If you are sick and tired of the pressures of life, you must take a break. As discussed above in the article most of the headaches are tension type headaches. Try to change environment by taking a break from your stressful life.
  • Stress Management: Stress management can help one out in his or her domestic, social and corporate life. It may seem that you can’t do anything about your stress level, the bills will never stop coming, your family responsibilities will never be changed rather they will become more demanding day by day, but believe it or not you have got a lot more control than you think. Applying stress management or eating stress fighting foods in your life can be a key headache remedy.
  • Identify The Source of Stress: People have this tendency to make a huge out of nothing; one might be stressed because of some other reasons which he may not be able to identify. The headache remedy starts by identifying the source of stress if it is a tension type headache.
  • Euphemistic Approach: Try to use euphemistic approach, call a person healthy instead of calling him fat. Learn to say NO in the lines of decency.
  • Schedule Your Responsibilities: Arrange your schedule to meet the pressure and manage your responsibilities.

Many of the headaches can be dealt with headache home remedies as they are safe, says Quick Doctor. Headaches usually do not pose a serious threat that is why a home headache remedy can be used to deal with them. One can apply ice pack on affected areas such as forehead, neck, temples of the head and upper back. The application of ice pack should last from 5 to 10 minutes; it basically reduces the temperature of the head and prevents headaches.

One of the headache remedies is to apply hair oil, after applying hair oil one should massage it for 5 to 10 minutes. The hair oil acts as coolant and prevents headaches.

These home headache remedies are pro active approaches to put off headaches. Hope you liked this article. If so, please share it on your social profiles. Have a Headache Free Life, Cheers!!


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