When it comes to alcohol all calories are not created equal. It is a well-known fact that when one is trying to lose weight alcohol is on the list of lined with red tape. However, alcohol may in fact have an even more devastating and permanent impact on your weight loss goals than originally thought. Mostly, when people think about the negative effects of alcohol they think about how it can effect the way you act and so on, but very few people think about how alcohol could potentially ruin a person’s fitness.

Alcohol is metabolized differently from fatty and sugary foods and is absorbed immediately into the bloodstream.  Under normal circumstances, the body receives nutrients from the proteins, carbohydrates and fats in foods.  The digestive process is disrupted when alcohol is consumed because alcohol is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream.

When the body is focusing on processing the alcohol, other carbohydrates and fats do not get processed properly and as a result get carried away for permanent storage in the form of fat on the body. Alcohol can affect your sleep patterns as well and although drinking may induce sleep it is not very deep sleep and will likely result in the over-consumption of more calories to make up for this deficit in in energy.

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A typical alcoholic beverage contains 7cal per gram and provides no nutritional value.  These unnecessary calories are in fact even more potent because they are being stored immediately as unused energy and taking away from the body’s ability to break down other food stores efficiently.  This is a nightmare for anyone attempting to lose weight.

Alcohol’s Effect on Your Body’s Future


It is well established that downing several margarita’s in a night regularly can lead to weight gain and an increase in body fat. But what about the long-term effects? Does having consuming alcohol on a regular or semi regular basis have any effect on the body’s ability to lose weight?  Does it make it more difficult? Or once you stop consuming alcohol does the body bounce back with the full ability to process and breakdown carbohydrates and proteins? In essence, does the regular consumption of alcohol do any irreparable damage to the body’s ability to lose fat?

Usually when a person isn’t doing anything (such as drinking), they will have around 5g of glucose in their blood. Think about it this way, if you have even just a few alcoholic drinks you’ll have many times more than the amount of glucose that you’re body actually needs to stay healthy.

Alcohol can seriously mess with your blood sugar! Looking at these numbers its easy to see why those greasy cheese laden nachos and fries become all the more appealing even after downing several beers and having eaten a meal prior to heading out for a night out on the town.  Your blood sugar is in whacko mode.

Contrary to popular belief, our bodies have an extremely limited ability to process carbohydrates. In fact we get a majority our energy sources from fat.

Drinking a large amount of alcohol, especially within a short period of time will lead to you having a massive amount of glucose in your bloodstream and hangover lasting 2 days, which can be very bad for you. This means that your body has to work very hard to get rid of the excess of sugar that’s in your blood and that’s not to mention all the other negative effects of alcohol.

This results in your body storing the glucose and more than likely store it as fat!

Once Fat is Created its Permanent!


This creates a major problem.  Once body fat cells are created, they can never be permanently deleted, only shrunk.  This is why consuming excess alcohol on a regular basis may forever impact the future of your body’s ability not only to shed pounds but also to keep them at bay.

If you think that your problem might be a bit larger than a habit, you might want to look into rehabilitation options. The alcoholism recovery timeline can be long and difficult, so it’s best to get in front of the problem.

Stay-Fit Solutions

So does this mean one may never indulge in a cocktail?  Well, if you are trying to lose the last stubborn five or ten, then no. Otherwise, the key is moderation and planning ahead. For example if you know that you are going to be going out on Friday night, then add an extra 10 or 15 minutes to your daily workout routine everyday so that you can build some extra calories in your food bank. Also, eat BEFORE you drink so that you’re not tempted to overindulge later on.

While sipping H20 throughout the night is ideal, it may be somewhat unrealistic. A more reasonable way to do this may be to drink plenty of water before you go out.  Either way this is is a vital step in avoiding the toxic build up of alcohol in your system—STAY HYDRATED!