So you want to build bigger muscles? Building Bigger Muscles shouldn’t be too hard, right? There’s not too much to it t join a gym, hit those weights regularly and just like that you should gain muscle mass in a few short months.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Is it really that simple to build big muscles? Well, to gain muscle mass, there is much more than just hitting the gym regularly. Beginners will get bigger better muscles following just about any routine. That being said there is still some essentials that beginners should follow to help pack on the most muscle.

A stronger muscle is a bigger muscle, and a much more useful one. Even if you’re only interested in aesthetics, you still need to get strong to make all those fancy programs work.

The fastest way to get your entire body stronger is by using compound (multi-joint) barbell movements with progressively heavier weights. Compound movements are hard work, not matter how hard it gets, stick to compound movements, you’ll get far better results in a fraction of the time it would take following something you found in Men’s Health.

First, a few disclaimers: If getting ripped is something that you are after, bad new on that, you’ll have to sacrifice being ‘ripped’ until next summer. If you are skinny, you are going to put on fat, you’ll just have to deal with it. And for those that are a bit overweight you probably wont lost much weight but will lose fat, muscle weighs more then fat. Fat women will probably lose a lot of fat and gain muscle for a net weight loss.

The Most important rule towards building bigger muscles is that you need disciplined and work hard. If that means going to the gym at half past eight in the evening after a long day at work, having to drink 1.5 L of milk before going to bed after eating two chicken breasts and half a kilo of veggies or saying no to the countless offers of cake / chocolate / pastries / soft drink / ‘energy’ drinks, then that is what you need to do.

There are no shortcuts, no magic pill, hard work and dedications is all that is needed

What follows is the definitive guide to building bigger muscle.

Beginners should mimic natural movements that they use everyday and convert them to using those same movements using gym equipment. Sounds complicated right ? Look at the table below and you will how the movements in life convert to those in the gym.

Natural Movements are also known as compound movements are exercises that are similar to motions you perform everyday – lifts your body was built for. These lifts include:

  • The Squat. Squatting down to pick something up.
  • The Deadlift. Picking up something off the ground.
  • The Press. The motion of pushing something away from the body.
  • The Row. The action of pulling something towards the body.
  • The Overhead Press. Lifting an object over your head.

Lifts known as isolation movements are generally unnatural for the body. Isolation bends at one joint only and isolates a single muscle group. These lifts include straight arm flyes or pec deck, lateral or front raises, and dumbbell pullovers.

While the human body is more then capable of mastering these isolation lifts, a beginning lifter should master the natural movements first. Natural movements build overall body strength, and lead to the fastest possible muscle mass gains.

Add More Weight

In order for muscles to grow you need to stress them out, a good way to stress them out is by increasing the amount of weight that you are pushing. If you use the same amount of weight without and increase, your progress will stop. Beginners should document each workout, and aim for an increase in either repetitions or weight over their last workout.

While adding weight to the workout is the way to go, you also need to working out using Good Form. By not following good form you run the risk of injuring yourself. Injuries means, time away from the gym leads to less muscle mass.

Get Plenty of Rest

Muscle grow when you are resting and not in the gym. A lot of people make the mistake of hitting the gym everyday or overdoing it. For a beginner there is no need to hit the gym everyday, lift every second day and limit your workouts to one hour.

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Get at least eight hours of sleep daily. Don’t train more than three times per week as a novice, and go easy on the cardio training. You don’t need to be fully recovered to train again either. If you are sore and stiff but eating and sleeping correctly, you can still train.

Eat Big

If you are looking to put on size, you need to eat more. If you push heavy weight in the gym, but munch on salads and chicken breasts out of the gym, your will be limiting your body’s ability to pack on mass. Even if you’re overweight you still need to eat more .

Don’t blame your fast metabolism for not being able to gain weight, that just means you’ll just need to eat even more. To grow muscles, you need extra calories. Eat three square meals a day, and add extra calories into the mix between meals. There are simple ways to add extra calories into your diet.

  • Whole Milk. Add one very large glass of whole milk in between each meal. Whole milk is very nutritious, and calorie dense.
  • Cheese. Cheese provides extra muscle building protein, as well as extra calories.
  • Almonds. A handful of almonds will add quality calories and healthy fats to your diet.

Don’t worry about all the supplements claims, supplements are just that a supplement and not a replacement for a good diet. Whole milk is the best natural weight gainer. And a banana or apple along with string cheese or almonds is much better for your system then a protein bar.

Conclusion: Follow the essentials in this article, and you will grow like a weed. After a year, you will have gained more muscle then you ever imagined possible. And, you will have saved enough money to buy new clothes to show off your new physique.


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