Most men would do anything to have a lean and masculine physique, and there are even some women would not mind toning their muscle.

However, there have been so many misconceptions revolving around burn fat build muscle concept, with many thinking it is impossible.

All in all, we all want to look good when we go down to the beach or when we take off our clothes in public to take a dip in the swimming pool.

Many people believe that in order to lose fat and gain muscle one has to start with losing fat first. This usually deters a majority of the population from starting the work out regime for fear that it will take too long.

There is also the fear of losing too much calories to the extent that building muscle is hindered or inhibited. This is especially common in people with low body mass.

The truth of the matter is that it is possible to lose fat and build muscle simultaneously. However, this is not an easy feat to achieve especially if you want to do things the easy way. There are also some exceptional cases where body recomposition may not work, such as bodybuilders who are currently having regular training.

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On the other hand, people who have also reached the limit of their genetic potential with regards to muscle growth may not be able to build more muscle.

All it takes is discipline and commitment to a thorough workout plan aimed at giving you a lean body. The following guidelines can help you reach your ultimate goal:

Maintain a Moderate Calorie Deficit

In order to burn fat and build bigger biceps & muscles, you need to understand the concept of protein synthesis. This is best described as the processes where degraded cells are eliminated to make room for new cells that have been created.

Under normal circumstances the, the cycle of cellular degradation balances out with cellular regeneration maintaining stable muscle tissue. However, if you engage in resistance training, the cells in your muscle fibers get damaged which triggers the body to accelerate the usual rate of protein synthesis in order to repair the damaged cells. This is what results in bigger and stronger muscles as more cells are added to the muscle fibers.

In order to lose body fat, you need to give your body less food than it burns on a daily basis, creating the concept known as calorie deficit. However, if you want to build muscles you need to make sure you do not have a calorie deficit of more than 20%.

Focus on Heavy Weightlifting

Lifting weights is one of the most effective ways of gaining muscle, and that is why it is common place to see body builders spend hours every day lifting weights. However, you should do compound weightlifting instead of just focusing on one style of lifting as commonly thought by many. You should focus on heavy movements such as the;

  • Squat
  • Dead Lift
  • Bench Press
  • Military Press

Most importantly, ensure that you train using a moderate work out volume of 9-12 sets per workout. Remember that it takes a lot of hard work to build muscles the natural way.

Expect to see results in the long run as quick results are often attributed to drugs and steroids. Your body needs time to repair the damaged cells that are a result of intensive workout, so you should be patient.

Maintain High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Instead Of Steady-State Cardio

There are two main reasons why you should be doing this type of training to gain muscle and lose fat;

  • You Burn More Fat Per Minute

If you are exercising on the tread mill, it will do you well to do occasionally sprint for 30 seconds or more, compared to steady-state cardio. This way you will lose more fat.

  • You Preserve More Muscle

It is important that you preserve muscle as you lose fat especially because of the hindered protein synthesis. HIIT is said to promote the production of growth hormone which is actually a powerful muscle preserver.

However, research has it that the longer your cardio sessions are, the higher the chances of your strength and hypertrophy becoming impaired.

You therefore need to make sure you have shorter cardio sessions so that you preserve more muscle. The recommended HIIT session is 20 to 30 minutes 3 to 4 days per week.

Get Enough Sleep

Not only is sleep deprivation bad for your mental health, it also affects your ability to build muscle and burn fat through the following ways;

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  • Lack of sufficient sleep leads to muscle loss and is also linked to muscular atrophy.
  • A study conducted by the University of Chicago revealed that when a group of 10 healthy men reduced the number of hours of sleep form 9 hours to 5 hours for a week resulted in a drop of testosterone levels by 14% during the day.
  • Having insufficient sleep inhibits the production of growth hormone and insulin growth factor which play a major role in maintaining muscle mass.
  • Sleep deprivation also plays a major role in inhibiting fat loss.

Eat Healthy

What you eat will actually determine how fast you gain muscle and lose fat. One very important nutrient that you need is protein. This will help you build muscle through the process of protein synthesis and also by getting the right dosage of amino acids.

Avoid unnecessary fats from junk foods and instead get your healthy fats from nuts, avocados, olives and other natural sources, as this type of fat is easy to break down. You should also avoid processed foods and substitute them for processed foods.

For instance, instead of buying white bread, opt for brown whole bread. Remember to avoid unnecessary sugars such as soft drinks. Finally, it is important to take enough water depending on your body size.

Remember, drinking plenty of water every day helps in flushing out toxins that may have built up over time.

Lastly, it would help to invest in a good workout program or eBook that is tailor made to work on any kind of situation.