How to Care for Blonde Hair in the Summer

While many people agree that blondes have more fun, it is also true that blondes have to work a little harder to keep their golden locks beautiful and healthy during the hot summer months. Blonde hair gets a very bad treatment from the sun, salt sea water, chlorinated pool water, wind and so on.

The main damages can be defined as discoloration, frizzy ends and bangs, spots, greenish nuances (the water copper oxidized by pool chlorine is the main culprit), dryness and crunchiness. And if you are not a natural blonde, these damages can get even more severe. But you don’t have to worry! There is no need to see your hairstylist once a month to revamp your blonde hues and highlights, as you can protect and care for your blonde hair yourself with simple and fun tricks!

Let’s see what you can do to shine bright all summer long!

Invest in A High Quality Multi-Purpose Clarifying Shampoo

This sounds like a drag, but it is not really that difficult to find a clarifying shampoo for blonde hair with some added benefits. Generally, you should look for a shampoo that is designed for summer months – it will have more hydrating and moisturizing properties than regular shampoos. If you want to go the full ten yards, look for such a shampoo that also contains UV filters to keep your hair safe against the sun every time you are outdoors.

Invest in A High Quality Multi-Purpose Clarifying Shampoo

Extra Tip

  • If your hair is bleached to be blonde or if you spend a lot of time at the beach, you need supplementary moisturizing and UV protection. You can use a deep conditioning treatment to prevent your bleached hair to look like straw; also, use a UV protective spray every time you leave the house.

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Treat Your Hair Properly Before, During and After the Beach Day

Treat Your Hair Properly Before, During and After the Beach Day

Natural elements seem to be the biggest enemies of blonde hair, natural or dyed. If you want to keep your sun-kissed golden tresses healthy and bright, you need to take care of your hair before you go to the beach / swimming pool, during your tanning sessions and after you return home.

Before Going to the Beach / Pool

  • It doesn’t matter what type of water you swim in, your hair needs to be protected against salt, minerals, chemicals and the copper that binds to the proteins of your blonde hair, giving it that obnoxious green tint. In order to get a proper level of protection, use a leave-in conditioner before you dive in. If you don’t like to use conditioner, at least wet your hair with clear bottled water before swimming – it will soak fewer chemicals.

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During the Beach Day

  • Try hydrating your hair with bottled water throughout the day and use a sea-salt spray. It will not only give you that gorgeous summer vacation look, it will also protect your hair from UV radiation. Sea salt spray can also prevent color fading, strengthening the hair and revitalizing it. You can spray it throughout the beach day to keep your hair beautiful and healthy.

After the Beach Day

  • You can use the clarifying shampoo to keep your hair in shape or even a restorative hair mask for hydration, moisture and scalp cooling. Many women tend to forget that it is not only their hair that gets damaged by the elements; it is their scalp as well. Cooling and caring for the scalp (and protecting it from UV radiation) also helps the hair regain its strength. A deep conditioning treatment, especially for bleached blonde hair, is mandatory.

Extra Daily Tips

While many specialists recommend you see your stylist and your colorist regularly during the summer to make sure your full color or highlights are still on and your hair is still healthy and strong, there are plenty of other tips and tricks to employ to maintain your blonde shade sparkling till fall.

Daily Tips for Blonde Hair Care this summer

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  • Give up on heat styling – If you really need to use a hair blower, switch to the cool air feature. Blonde hair is naturally more vulnerable to heat and after a full day out in the sun, the last thing you want is to expose your locks to even more heat.
  • Don’t use a towel to dry your hair – The towel fibers can make your hair frizzy and they can dehydrate it. Instead, use a T-shirt or a full cotton cloth – the cotton will absorb the extra moisture without dehydrating the hair and it won’t add up to the frizzy look.
  • Always use head protection – For both your scalp and your hair. This is a general rule for all women, no matter their hair color, but blondes should pay extra attention to this rule. Wear a wide brim straw hat at the beach to protect your bangs, scalp and neck, a cap when going out in the city, a head scarf at the pool / beach or even sunset poolside parties.
  • If the water you swam in had some copper and you see the greenish tint in your hair, combat this phenomenon with a slightly acidic hair rinse (lemon water or water you dissolved an aspirin in).
  • Treat your locks at least once a week with hair oil for fine hair – It works wonders on light hair as well. Gently massage the oil from the mid-length to your hair ends.

These were just some of the many tips and recommendations to take into account when caring for your gorgeous blonde hair all summer long. Do you use other tricks to maintain your golden locks shiny and healthy?