Gym routine for weight loss

Working out isn’t the only way to get in shape, and solely doing that with no regard for other aspects of your life isn’t going to be the most efficient way to lose the fat and gain the muscle either. Your everyday life needs to compliment your goals in the gym – without this, all you’re doing is slowing down your progress. When you’re looking to lose weight or just get fit, just remember to take these things into consideration.

1. Drink Water

Obviously, your body needs fluid to live, but people still seem to neglect this, or they choose to rehydrate with soda instead of good old H2O. Soda is chock full of sugar and caffeine, which can actually cause you to become dehydrated. When you’re at optimum hydration, your metabolism works efficiently, and weight loss, muscle gain, and workout endurance are at their peak – if that’s not a good enough reason to switch the soda for water, I don’t know what is.

2. Experiment

Different people work in different ways, so it’s really important to experiment and see what works for you. Not only is this important in food, but also in your exercise. Some people find that lengthy, low-intensity workouts are best for achieving the desired effects, whereas others prefer high intensity, fast paced exercise – it’s just about experimenting and finding what suits you and brings you the desired effects.

Taking protein drinks before and after your workout will greatly support your weight loss. Brands such as PrimeShred helps promote muscle gains and at the same time, reduce your food cravings.

It’s also safe to assume that we change as we age – what worked best for us in our twenties might not work for us in our forties, so remember to keep on adapting.

Experiment for weight loss

3. Eat Well

If you’re spending hours in the gym but eating all the wrong things, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. Keeping an eye on your calories is the first step in managing weight loss or muscle building, but there’s far more to it. Some foods, such as ginger, are great for boosting the metabolism which can really aid weight loss – some people swear by it so much they even like to administer it in the form of essential oils, as can be seen here

Keeping topped up with calcium, potassium, and other minerals is also crucial for muscle creation and should be considered in each meal – there’s a lot to think about, but it’s easy to get used to. Apps like MyFitnessPal are great for tracking these nutrient intakes, as well as calories eaten and burnt.

4. Prioritize Sleep

Without good quality sleep, it’s really difficult to lose and maintain weight. Not only is it difficult to find the motivation to even get to the gym when you’re too tired to leave the apartment, but you’ll also see your endurance suffer. Sleep deprivation even causes your body to release the hormone cortisol, which can encourage us to put on weight. Try not to work out too soon before bed as it can keep you from sleeping, and ensure a relaxing bedtime routine to make certain that you get the best night’s sleep.

Most importantly, don’t give up the stuff you love – to look your best you have to feel your best too. Make time for friends, eating things you love, and hanging out in front of the telly – you only live once after all.



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