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How To Dress For Your Body Type

In theory, most people think that dress shopping is easy. You walk into a store or go on a website, find your size, find a dress with the right pattern or style, pay for it, and walk out the door or wait on it to arrive by mail. If it really only was that easy. The truth of the matter is that shopping for a dress can be extremely difficult. This is, even so, when you consider the fact that you want to choose a dress that embraces your body type and shows off your best features. People often make two assumptions when it comes to the female body. First, there is no perfect body. And second, there is no perfect size. That being said it is completely possible to find a dress for your body type and below you will learn how.

Big Hips And Thighs

You will know if you are a pear-shaped woman if you are often wearing a different size on the bottom than you are on top. Pear-shaped women’s biggest assets are their hips and thighs and this is what most men are admiring these days. When shopping for prom dresses the pear-shaped woman will want to choose a dress that isn’t an inch or two above the knees. A dress with an A-line skirt will also do, but you don’t want something that is too full. For pear-shaped women, the short, super full dress really gives off a tutu appearance.

The Full Waist Woman

The apple shaped female of the full waist woman will really want to elongate the appearance of her torso. This will draw attention away from the waist. A prom dress with an empire or drop waist can really redefine your waistline. Whatever you do just make sure that you are staying away from thick belts or sashes that clamp around the midsection. Anything that hangs below the hips will on draw attention to your midsection. The idea is to try to place emphasis on your shoulders, which will make everything below appear narrower. You can do this by taking advantage of a structured jacket or choosing a dress that covers the shoulders with a bit of puffiness.

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The Hourglass Woman

If you would describe yourself as curvy with a well-defined waist and busty hip measurements that are roughly even then you are probably what people consider the hourglass body. The key to choosing a successful dress for you is to define your waist. You really want to show off your amazing curves and embrace them by choosing something that really hugs you in the exact right places. It is also important to show off your neckline and you can do this by choosing anything that offers a V-neck, round, or boat neck. Tailored silhouettes never hurt either because they will really help shape your curves.

The Athletic Woman

If you don’t really have any curves and your shoulders and hips are about the same measurement, you are probably what is considered the athletic build. The key to successful dressing is choosing attire that balances your broad upper half. And, you can accomplish this by accentuating your legs and other curves. You want to keep the volume on the top or the bottom not on both.

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