There are so many women enduring strict diet and working out trying to become lean, but still they cannot see any results showing. This is probably because they reach out for any new diet they see is popular and try to work out endlessly at the gym.

Although a diet and exercise is important, there has to be a certain routine that should be followed in order for results to be visible and perfect.

The Big Bad Calories

2000 might seem as a huge value, but in order for a woman to be healthy; this is the daily intake of calories she needs to bring in through meals.

Considering 300 to 500 calories are burnt during the workout, the meals have to be regular. If you think this is too much, just multiply your body weight with ten to twelve and you will get the result.

Women usually hear that starving themselves will provide them with the best results. Wrong! Everything you eat between starving, your body will accumulate. Afterwards you will do an intense cardio and the results will not be that great. Why? precisely because of the wrong diet.

It is not necessary to completely avoid carbs, just reduce the intake of sugar, such as cake, candy, pies and other sweets. Moreover, try not to eat too much fruit either. Even though it is filled with vitamins, fruit still contains a lot of sugar.

Potatoes, pasta, bread, and rice are also sugary so cut down on those as well.


Strength exercises are essential. Start doing the workout, which considers multiple muscles and multiple joints to be utilized simultaneously. It will help recruit and break down more muscle fibres and in that way, more muscles are building and growing during the recovery phase.

Lunges, walking lunges, squats, deadlifts, burpees, cleans, box jumps, and jump squats are the most recommended exercises. Moreover, do the workout with weights. Start with the lighter ones, and gradually increase the weight. This will help you build muscle much faster.

Furthermore, if you tend to place more stress on your body, do your repetitions faster. The gym is not the only place for exercise, so try swimming, jogging, or riding a bicycle, can also help you get a lean mass. You can also include some cardio exercises, but not too much.

Try sticking to strength training three times a week, and one day of low-impact cardio.

The Power of Proteins

Turkey, chicken, beef and fish are the best protein food you could eat. Additionally, proteins will help you build muscle mass.

Consider drinking protein shakes, for they can be a great substitute for regular food. If you are not sure which fat burning protein to take, vital strength hydroxy ripped is the best choice. This protein is a mixture of whey and casein protein and it helps metabolise fat tissue and reduce sugar cravings. Moreover, it is fortified with some key vitamins and minerals. It is developed to maximize extreme muscle growth after an intensive training session.

Furthermore, it is essential to eat often between larger meals. This will help the metabolism work constantly, and more calories will be burnt even if you are not working out.

Bear in mind you should eat as much carbohydrates for breakfast and immediately after the workout, as possible. The body has a short time post-workout to restore, so it is paramount you take carbohydrates and protein drinks to replenish glycogen stores.

Having all these suggestions in mind you can start achieving your goal weight. However, do not forget to consult your doctor before starting any new diet or workout routine.

Do the necessary check up and make sure your body is in perfect condition for working out. Start following these rules of exercise and the results will start showing in no time.