night-time repair

Performing your skincare routine at night is vital if you want to achieve beautiful, clear skin. Removing the dirt and grime that has built up on your skin during the day is necessary if you want to retain the health of your complexion.

Your skin cell regeneration is much greater at night than it is during the day and you should ensure that your skin is primed and ready to spend the night renewing itself.

However, no one wants to spend twenty minutes in the bathroom after you’ve had a long day at work or school; which is why many people just hit the sack without cleaning their skin.

We’ve got a routine that you can perform in five minutes or less that will help you achieve amazing skin. Each step will take you sixty seconds and your skin will be thanking you by the end of it!

1. Remove Your Makeup With Cleansing Oil Or Makeup Wipe

If you wear makeup you need to remove the makeup that is on the surface of your skin before you can remove the dirt and oil that is beneath it. Makeup wipes are a quick and easy way to get your makeup off, and there are many inexpensive brands that make them.

The great thing about makeup wipes is that you get the tool and the removing agent in one product. You just pull it out of the pack and get to work removing your makeup.

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Another fast way to remove your makeup is by using cleansing oil. Many companies make oils that you apply to your face using your hands. The oil breaks down and melts your makeup off and they require very little rubbing.

If you don’t wear makeup just skip this step!

2. Wash Your Face With A Quality Cleanser

Many people just grab a generic cleanser but you may want to consider investing in a quality cleanser that is directed at your skincare needs. By investing in a cleanser that contains quality ingredients and is tailored to the specific needs of your skin you will be cleansing and treating your face at once.

3. Tone Your Face

Toner is important for many reasons and the type of cleanser that you use changes depending on your skin type. For those who suffer from acne you can use a toner to clear out any acne causing bacteria that is left behind on your skin, and to ensure that your pores are open and purified.

If you have dry skin you should use a moisturizing and calming toner. If you suffer from oily skin, go for a toner that helps fight against excess oil. Whatever skin type you have, use a cotton pad that is moistened with the product and run it over the surface of your face and neck.

4. Apply A Serum Or Acne Treatment

Serums and treatments are important for a night time skincare routines. As previously stated, your skin regenerates overnight at a faster rate than it does during the day and by replenishing your skin with a serum or acne treatment you will wake up with healthier skin.

Whether you use an acne treatment or serum depends on the type of skin that you have and what you are trying to achieve. If you have acne prone skin then you should opt for a treatment that reduces inflammation and provides your skin with components that fight against future breakouts.

Serums are a good option for hydrating the skin and protecting against the signs of aging or sun damage. In both cases, your serum will penetrate into your skin and work with the skin’s natural regeneration capabilities in order to heal and renew your skin.

5. Moisturize

Moisturizing is the last step in our five minute night time skincare routine. It should be the last thing that you do because it will lock in the nutrients that you have added to your skin through your treatments and serums. It will also add back any moisture that your face may have lost as your cleansed and purified it in previous steps.

In Conclusion
This five minute night time routine is great for anyone who is busy or for those who’ve never had a skincare routine before and need to ease into the habit of it. It doesn’t take long to cleanse and protect your skin but it’s something that you should never skip out on. The health of your skin is well worth the five minutes that you spend on this routine. Once you get into the hang of it, this routine won’t even feel like five minutes!


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