How To Have A Glow Up In 2021

The month of January is usually a depressing time for a lot of people. The fun and excitement of Christmas seem just a distant memory, and January can feel like a very dark and cold month to get through. With the Covid-19 pandemic restricting most people to their homes for the start of 2021, at least, it might be a bit more difficult to feel excited and motivated. To boost your mood and reinvigorate yourself, you could embark on a glow-up: a mental, physical, and emotional transformation. Here are some ideas of how to have a glow up in 2021.

1. Drink more water

Perhaps one of the most straightforward first steps when embarking on a glow up is to up your water intake. Staying hydrated makes your skin look clearer and healthier as it helps your digestive system flush out toxins from your body. The cleansing nature of water can also help to reduce bloating and constipation, helping your digestive system to feel balanced. It is recommended that you drink around three and a half pints of water per day to feel the benefits of adequate hydration. Invest in a cute water bottle to encourage you to stay hydrated throughout the day. If you dislike the taste of plain water, you could try adding fresh fruit, mint, or cucumber to add some flavor.

2. Look after your teeth

There’s nothing more attractive than a sparkling smile, and taking good care of your teeth is essential for your health as well as your appearance. Brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once to prevent plaque and gum disease. It would be best if you also got your teeth checked out by a dentist such as best dental at least every six months to ensure that they remain in tip-top condition. Your dentist will also be able to advise you of any cosmetic dental procedures that you might be interested in, such as veneers and tooth whitening, and safely and expertly carry out such operations. 

3. Introduce exercise into your daily routine

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Exercise is key to looking and feeling good, as regular physical activity helps to tone your muscles and increase blood flow around your body, making your skin glow. Daily exercise doesn’t mean committing to hours long workouts at the gym; working out at home in short bursts can still help increase your fitness levels. Try fitting in short ten or fifteen-minute workouts into your day whenever you find a gap in your schedule. For example, you could start the day with a short online workout, go for a ten-minute walk at lunch, and wind down with some yoga before bed. These techniques will increase your exercise level and help to keep you physically active whilst working around a busy schedule.

4. Have a manicure

Looking after your nails is a simple self-care task that can help keep you looking neat and can also boost your mood and self-confidence. Visit a nail technician on a regular basis to maintain false nails and keep them looking tidy, and always get them removed professionally to avoid damaging the natural nail.

Alternatively, you can keep on top of your manicure at home. Always keep a nail file on you to shape your nails and file away any chips. When painting your nails, begin with a bottom coat to prevent the nail varnish from staining your nails, and finish with a quick-drying gel top coat such as Seche Vite to protect your color for longer. Choose a varnish in a fun color that boosts your mood – a classic red, understated neutral, or fun blue are all excellent manicure color options. Don’t forget to let your nails breathe for a few days between manicures. You could use this time to apply nail treatments to improve your natural nails’ appearance and strength.

5. Start practicing self-love

Don’t underestimate the effect that changing your mind and thoughts can have on your physical appearance – feeling good on the inside will mean that you radiate happiness on the outside. It’s easy to fall into the habit of negative self-talk when you feel bad, but try to get into the habit of talking kindly to yourself. Whenever you start criticizing yourself, take a moment to consider: is this something I would say to another person? More often than not, the answer is no. You would never say anything so unkind to others. Now is the time to show such kindness to yourself.