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How To Improve Your Posture? Exercises for Good Posture

There are many people who take posture for granted for two main reasons, either they are not really aware of what exactly posture is all about or they are ignorant of its importance.

Continuous bad posture can eventually lead to long term health problems. If you are not really sure of what posture is, well it is the way you position your body every time you sit, stand, walk or sleep. Bad posture will put strain on your muscles, spine and ligaments.

Medical experts are in favor of saying that being overweight is one of the crucial reasons for poor posture. The extra weight you are carrying not only causes the aches and pains, but also weaken your muscles and joints.

Regular exercise as well as corrective braces can be very effective in improving posture problems. Attaining good posture within small span of time is only possible if you have a great fitness quotient.

Why Is It Important To Have Good Posture ?

If you spend most of your time sitting in front of a computer or standing for prolonged periods, getting a poor posture is very possible. There are so many instances that can lead to poor posture such as leaning over the desk while working or walking with your shoulders slouched.

Again, sleeping on a soft mattress that hardly provides firm support to your body while you sleep can also be the reason for developing bad posture.

If you wish to enjoy the health benefits that good posture brings along, you need to practice sitting, sleeping, walking or standing in right posture. Getting a good posture is not really easy because neither does it happen by chance as you need to put in conscious efforts daily.

When you are sitting, do not slouch down the chair, sit upright and keep your back straight. In addition, keep your shoulders back and back straight while walking.

Exercises To Improve Your Posture

There are many exercises that you can start doing if you have lately found that you have developed a wrong posture. Among the posture correction exercises, Pelvic tilts deserve special mention. This exercise strengthens your pelvis, empowering it to provide ample support to your spine.


Stand straight in front of the mirror, placing your fingers on your hips in order to bring your buttocks in a line with your hip bone. Hold on to this position for few seconds and then release and repeat.

Shoulder Shrugs is also a great exercise that strengthens the shoulder muscles. The best part is that you can do this exercise sitting or standing. All you just need is to hold a dumbbell and shrug both of your shoulders to your ears.

Keep repeating the exercise for at least ten times in a row. Apart from the mentioned two exercises, you can also practice Back stretches to improve your posture.

To start with this exercise, you need to hold your arms at a shoulder length with your elbows little bent. Now, pull them back putting pressure to the shoulder blades.

Initially, you may not find it really comfortable to repeat this process but over time you will get habituated.

Not just exercises, even health experts and medical practitioners also recommend Pilates to their patients to comfort the aches and pains that are caused due to poor posture.

Besides, yoga can be a great way to keep your posture correct. If you follow the basic yoga postures, you will get a great flexibility within small span of time.

Having a great diet is of utmost importance. If you are suffering from body pain lately, it is high time that you should go for an overall body check-up. Consulting a health expert will give you much confidence about stepping in to an all new healthcare regime.

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  1. Good advice for improving your posture. Regular exercises that help you focus on straightening yourself are going to do you the most good for sure.


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