how to lose cheek fat

Losing weight is a priority for obese individuals but there are also people who want to lose cheek fat. In fact, each of us desires to have his/her face in the best shape. This entails having smooth flowing skin, good texture, and also proper color tones. However, one problem that has always caused many people sleepless nights is trying to lose cheek fat.

Having too much fat in the face makes the face chubby, a situation that is usually acceptable for babies and not grownups. This is further worsened by media and advertisement which portray a slender, sharp chip, and curvy face to be the perfect face. In order to achieve the desirable face, it is necessary to carryout activities that reduce the fat in the cheeks. Here is how to lose cheek fat faster:

1. General Body Exercises

In many cases, people with too much fat on the cheeks will also have excess fat in the body. The body will at times store excess fat in the cheeks. It is therefore necessary to exercise the whole body. As the body burns down the excess fat, the same will happen in the face. Well rounded exercises comprise of cycling, swimming, running, aerobics, and many others. The best effect will be felt by engaging in the exercises consistently.

2. Specific Facial Exercises

There are some exercises that have been tailor-made for the face only. These exercise put intense pressure on the face hence help a person lose cheek fat. Doing the “Fish face” entails sucking in your cheeks for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Though it might appear “funny or silly”, it is quite effective. This should be done at least 5 times. You must also combine these exercises with healthy food habits and body exercises for best result. Following are some of the best ones:

  • “X-O” Exercise
  • Jaw Opener
  • Cheek Lift
  • Fish Lips
  • Puffy Cheeks
  • Puffy Cheeks with Pursed Lips
  • Massage

3. Chewing Gum

This is the best exercise that directly works on your face and helps in lose weight from your cheeks. Make sure that you are chewing gum until it starts hurting your jaw. Chew 2-3 gums in a day for best results.

4. Laugh as Hard as You Can

Laughing and smile are great add-ons for losing fat from your face. Yes, it is true that laughing out loud too helps in weight. It may sound weird, but talking can also help in fat loss from your cheeks. If you are alone, sing a song loudly, speak in front of mirror.

5. Cardiovascular Exercises

Fat in the cheek may be caused by too much fat in the body. It might also be caused by poor metabolism and blood circulation. A weak cardiovascular system may fail to circulate the necessary nutrients all over the body.

The body will also be unable to get rid of toxins hence blocking the channels. A good way to avoid this is through engaging in cardiovascular training which improves the heart, the blood circulation, as well as the metabolic system. Good cardiovascular system help a person lose cheek fat through faster metabolism consequently burning excess calories.

6. Proper Nutrition

Poor nutrition is one of the main contributors of cheek fat. Too much saturated or hydrogenated fats, cholesterol, and highly refined foods lead to excess fat. Sticking to healthy diets and drinking lots of water will help a person lose cheek fat. It is also necessary to avoid fast foods and quick oven meals.

7. Minimize Salt Intake

Salt is hygroscopic in nature, i.e. it attracts moisture. Too much intake of salt will make the body hold water instead of releasing it through perspiration or sweating. Sweating is a sign of burning calories, and it requires plenty of water. Avoiding too much salt in the diet is the best way to combat this situation.

8. Reducing Stress

Stress can also lead to a puffy face. More muscles are used when frowning as compared to when happy. Stress and anxiety may also cause binge eating which leads to fat deposits in the face. Avoiding stressful situations, seeking therapy, and also keeping your mind busy always assists a person lose cheek fat.

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9. Pucker Up

Though looking very simple, puckering up your face will have some beneficial effects if done the right way. This exercise on how to lose cheek fat stretches your lips as well as your cheek muscles. You need to do it until you feel the muscles stretch. Repeat this activity regularly and also increase the intensity.

10. Manual Facial Stretches

A bloated or chubby face is usually not very flexible due to fat build up. Using your hands and fingers helps loosen up the facial muscles, consequently aiding blood circulation. A good way is to lower your face until your chin touches the chest. While at this position, use your hands to pull up the skin under the chin. Do this a number of times daily.

11. Protein Not the Fat

Professional bodybuilders avoid specific food items that contain fat, carbohydrate and other ingredients. Some foods containing carbohydrate can also lead to fat if those foods are consumed in excess.

It is better to avoid eating such foods if you want to specifically target cheeks. You should avoid intake of dairy products that have fats.

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12. Avoiding Alcohol and Smoking

Some alcoholic beverages are known to cause puffiness on the facial parts. Drug abuse can also lead to this type of problem. While smoking does not increase fat in the cheeks directly; it is known to cause faster aging of facial skin. It makes the matter worse when your cheeks already contain fat.

13. Drink Plenty of Water

You must drink sufficient amount of water every day. Water not only provides energy but also helps maintain various body functions. It keeps you fresh all day long and helps wash away toxins from your body.

14. Lose Overall Weight

First of all, if you are overweight for your age, height and gender then you should first try to reduce your weight and bring it to the normal level. You will not succeed in your goal to lose weight on cheeks without reducing your overall weight.

15. Control Your Diet

If your cheeks have collected fat because of your overeating habits then you need to control your diet. Eat only what your body needs. You must avoid eating foods that contain fat. Some foods contain hidden fats.

You must be careful of processed foods where the manufacturers do not advertise the hidden contents of some of the food ingredients. At the same time, do not starve yourself. You should live on a balanced diet so that your body’s nutritional requirements are not affected.

16. Get Enough Sleep

One of the best and the easiest to way to lose fat from your cheeks. Make sure that you are getting a sound sleep of 7-8 hours daily. This also helps in weight loss from overall body too. Do you know how many health benefits are hidden in sleeping naked? Read my article to know surprising health benefits of sleeping naked.

These are some of the well-established ways to lose weight on cheeks. Getting rid of cheek fat is not a one-off exercise. It requires a number of sessions that have to be undertaken diligently and consistently.

A common mistake that many people make is going for quick fix solutions. These schemes usually come with many side effects such as bulging skin, wrinkles, bleached skin, and much more. The best solution to lose cheek fat should take place in a slow and gradual process.

All these techniques will help you lose cheek fat faster. Patience, persistence, and due diligence is what is required.

Do you know any other techniques on how to lose cheek fat fast? Let us know, we are listening 🙂