How To Make Your Own Sports Day This Summer

With the world still not back to complete normality, it’s easy to feel like your routine is all out of whack. And when it comes to your child’s sports day, the dos and don’ts can be hard to navigate, even with the help of your child’s Kiddi Caru nursery or school. But, if your child is set to miss out on their school’s annual sports day, then all is not lost.

With the Olympics now fully underway, there are multiple ways to set up your very own sports day in your back garden, or even the local park, in celebration. If it looks like this year is set to be a DIY affair, then read on as we fill you in on all you need to consider before putting together your own little sports day for your child.

Decide how to measure the competition

Whilst a healthy amount of competitiveness won’t do your child any harm, it’s best not to concentrate all of their focus into that one area. Instead, as well as rewarding those who won, also dish out the plastic medals for taking part, sportsmanship and good attitudes. This way, your child (and any other participants) will learn that winning isn’t everything, and there actually is some value in simply taking part.

Find the right challenge level

We all like to believe in our children’s abilities, and yes, you could well be parenting the next Usain Bolt, but it’s important not to run before you can walk. With this in mind, take care in considering the overall skill level of those participating in your home-grown sporting event. Throw in a few challenging events for the high achievers, but set limits and take into consideration those who aren’t as athletically gifted. No one wants to feel like they can’t keep up, and feeling left out will only lead to your child losing interest in the mini-event altogether.

Don’t rely on the weather

We all know how unpredictable the British weather can be, and you would be incredibly optimistic if you found yourself hanging your Sports Day plans on the appearance of the sun. It’s always best to keep a back up plan in your pocket just in case the heavens decide to open and rain off your mini Olympics.

Clear a space inside your home where at least some of the planned events will be able to take place. If you’re lacking in room, then look for some more theoretical and crafty sports-themed activities such as colouring in outlines of runners or crafting their medals for when the sky finally clears and the real activities can take place.

Get involved

Your kids may be the main focus of the day, but that’s no reason for you not to get involved too. Grab a sack or steady your spoon, and be prepared to show your kids how it’s really done! Not only will this be guaranteed to have you laughing, it’s also a great bonding experience for you and your child. What’s more, if your little one is shy about participating, seeing their parent giving it a good go might just make all of the difference.