How To Prepare For Bariatric Surgery Abroad

If bariatric surgery costs in the UK have made you, too, choose the path of medical tourism, let us briefly visit some topics to pay heed to before flying out for your bariatric surgery abroad.

Bariatric Surgery Abroad: First Things First

Two main reasons why people often choose bariatric surgery abroad instead of UK –

On NHS, bariatric surgery in the UK has very strict rules of qualification, a long period before a chance to get listed, and long, unpredictable waiting lines.

Weight loss surgery cost in the UK private sphere makes it inaccessible to all but the very wealthy.

1st tip: Choose the medically and logistically best destination

With a wide variety of options for bariatric surgery abroad available, aim for the best – most experienced surgeon, smaller clinics with high success rates, and excellent patient reviews in an easily and comfortably accessible location.

2nd tip: Be aware of bariatric surgery pros and cons

With so many myths about bariatric weight loss surgery, heed actual former patients’ reviews and speak to professional clinics. Do not rely on random internet finds of dubious sources. Find facts, not gossip.

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3rd tip: Look out for hidden costs

Bariatric surgery cost is not always straightforward. You are entitled to ask the clinic about any additional costs – any procedures, tests, hotel, and transportation. Find out what is included to not meet nasty surprises.

4th tip: Find a good companion

Bariatric surgery abroad fares better when the company is trustworthy. Professional clinics recommend not traveling alone but bringing a trusty companion to support you, mentally and physically. Any surgery package worth it’s salt will support this, by including a free stay, etc for a chosen companion.

Talk things through before the journey. Then, allow your companion to pamper you. Rely on them.

5th tip: Listen and heed advice from your patient coordinator/bariatric clinic staff

Every bariatric clinic has a person/persons assigned to help you prepare for the surgery, but also help you coordinate your trip and advise you on what to prepare at home, both before and after. Any questions or doubts, talk to them!

6th tip: Prepare your home for your return

Before you leave home, set it up for your return. Any adjustments or changes you need to make to your surroundings, work, taking care of your pets post-surgery, etc, try and arrange it before you set off. Same with food and drinks – set a home delivery for the proper time and figure out what you would be having over the first weeks.

Make it so you could come back home and just crash, relax and heal.

7th tip: Travel safely and comfortably

Bariatric surgery abroad can either be a tiresome, tedious journey, or it can be enjoyed, even.

If possible, choose a more comfortable seat on the plane, especially for post-surgery. Also why picking a good European location is wise, because you will spend but a few hours in the air.

Rely on the transportation/pickup services provided by the clinic. 

Proper preparations make a comfortable mental and physical journey, so – deal with them beforehand to avoid stress at the wrong time in the wrong place. Safe travels toward your new life!