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How to Pull off an Informal, Casual or Simple Wedding Dress

Are you one of those brides who doesn’t dream of something extreme? You just want something simple but still elegant? Or, you just feel like spending a lot of money on something you wear once is unreasonable? In this cases, a casual and simple wedding dress will be suitable for you. At Madame Bridal, you’ll find the kind of dress you want, simple, affordable and elegant at the same time.

It is also possible that you’ll be afraid of looking too simple when choosing a dress, we are going to discuss how you can wear a simple dress and still be classy, stylish and elegant.


You can compensate for the simple look of your wedding dress by getting beautiful shoes. The shoes can have a stylish décor. The most common stylings for wedding shoes are pearls. Crystals, bows, lace, and rhinestones. If you have some embellishment on your gown, it’s wise to match them with the ones on the shoes. For instance, your dress has lace, you should have lace also on the shoes too this will look nice.

If you want proper shoes for summer, you can go for sandals instead. If you have an outdoor wedding, you can choose to wear shoes with no heels, and if its during winter you can wear, beautiful boots for brides.

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Lace will undoubtedly make your dress look classy and luxurious. If it’s possible you can add dress element on top, if possible a hem. If it’s not possible to add the lace on the dress, you can wear a lace bolero or a capelet. A lace waistband will also be okay.

Lace appliques are easy to add on the wedding dress without professional help since it’s a common thing.


There are varieties of waistbands you can choose from, regardless of the type of dress you have. This is also applicable to plus size wedding dresses. For instance, you can match the dress with a belt of some other color. Black belts are creative and will look very stylish on you. You are allowed to choose any color you want. Using the color of the wedding decor or your accessories is an excellent idea.

The waistbands can also be embellished, they can be adorned with sequins, pearls, beads or crystals. You can add on other things you wish to. Gold belts or silver metals are also lovely complements.


Accessories are essential at a casual wedding; therefore, the proper accessories must be worn. They help create the desired atmosphere. Don’t forget about the bouquet, it can be bright and feature all kind of flowers. Pearls, beads and also accessories can be added. You can complement your plain dress with a beautiful veil, jewelry, and accessories. Pick a dress that will be astonishing with flowers, especially if you are having a wedding by the beach side or in the countryside, it will embrace nature and your beauty.

A simple dress is still elegant and classy, just make the necessary adjustments, and you are good to go! You can.

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