How to Select the Perfect Colour for Your Eyebrows

Drawing and coloring in one’s eyebrows can easily be the most challenging part of any lady’s beauty routine. Not too many people know exactly how to put on eyebrows in the right shape and shade, much less to make an impression out of those paired arches.

As much as you shouldn’t feel intimated because you’re not the only confused soul, it also wouldn’t hurt to be more confident to pick up and apply that eyebrow liner of yours next time you need to strut, whether for daily wear or hit’em up with style!

The Tale Of The Eyebrow, The Hair And The Skin

Can you imagine a blonde girl with a very pale complexion and an ash or black pair of eyebrows? Or, a redhead carrying the same auburn shade on her brows? If you were putting on makeup for Mardi Gras or, for a school play that calls for this rather unusual look then, this should be fine but, if you’re planning to walk or go to work with them, you might want to take a look in the mirror again and spot what’s wrong.

When it comes to your eyebrows, don’t forget that the same golden rule that keeps repeated on makeup ideas and style guides holds, that is, your objective is to enhance your assets and make up for those you don’t already, naturally have. Sounds simple enough? Well, not really.

The secret to nailing those eyebrows is to make sure you examine your hair color and your skin tone. These two features of yours will dictate what eyebrow color you should be putting on.

Basic Eyebrow Color And Makeup Ideas

So, what color goes well with what? Stop playing your eyebrows like Einstein in the lab! There’s really no problem going about it trial and error style if you’re staying in but, a few tips and tricks can still give you a smart start.

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  • Blonde And Pale SkinnedIf this characterizes you, you’re going to want to contrast your pale skin with a darker shade so you can get more definition on your face. Choose a light brown shade that’s more on the tawny side. It will also help if you drew very light strokes of lines at the top and bottom of your eyebrows that’s about two shades darker than your skin tone. This technique will make your eyebrows pop up.
  • Redhead And Medium-Toned SkinBrows in a lighter coffee shade will do the trick for you, so too will browns with just a hint of red like caramel will look good on you.
  • Deep Brown Hair And Chocolate-Colored SkinDark brown shades and ashen colors should work up a nice frame for your eyes. In case you have a very dark skin and black hair, that should be the only time you wore your eyebrows in deep black. In both cases, outline your eyebrows in a shade that’s two times lighter than your primary brow color to make your eyebrows more prominent.
  • Brunette And Latina SkinnedYou already have rich colors working for you. Tame your eyebrow colors by coloring them in woody tones up to two tones lighter than your hair.
  • Light Brown And Fair Asian SkinAsian women love to have fair skin, and when they do, skin becomes a creamy white texture. A light brown hair dye is also favored. In which case, chestnut brown and mocha brown shades will work to give you an even brighter, more radiant complexion.

Beyond Eyebrow Color

If you really want the perfect eyebrows, you should be looking into the manner by which you are shaping and grooming your eyebrows too.

Different eyebrow shapes match specific face shapes too — soft-curved and long eyebrows match oval faces and squared faces, while angular eyebrows match rounded faces and long faces. Grooming your eyebrows consistently is also never out of style — thread it or pluck it, just stay away from shaving and waxing

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Great eyebrows are required to show off, not just your good looks, but also say a lot about your grooming habits. Turn your eyebrows into your secret weapon that leaves a remarkable first impression on people you meet.