Tips for starting a successful fitness YouTube channel

I hate to get my write-ups started on a heartbreaking note, but sometimes heartbreaks are JUST inevitable, aren’t they? (I bet you’re thinking what I’m thinking)!

Hey, can somebody please get me away from the darkness of unlucky relationships?

Back to the heartbreaking facts that surround the fitness niche on YouTube.

Did you know that there are millions of fitness channels and vlogs on YouTube?

Oh, you knew! Damn, and that still didn’t deter you from joining?

I’m starting to love your Strength of Will.

Good news, bad news.

The bad news is YouTube is currently oversaturated with fitness vloggers. The good news, however, is many of these channels are failing to deliver what consumers want.

Ta-da! There is a gap in the market for you to exploit. Seems your never-be-fazed-by-insurmountable-odds mentality would finally pay off.

What are the common mistakes fitness vloggers are making? (And how can you ounce on them?)

We believe there are over 30 million fitness videos on YouTube at the moment.

But guess what?

Many of these videos are littered with gym selfies, motivational quotes, isolated workout and training videos, and oversimplified pieces of fitness advice.

No doubt, these kinds of content are essential to reaching fitness goals, but not how most YouTube vloggers publish them.

You see them publish squat videos today, plank videos tomorrow, lunges videos the day after, dietary videos a moment later, and so on.

Tell me, which fitness goal exactly are they helping to achieve? Weightloss? Bodybuilding? Toning? Lowering BMI? Cholesterol reduction?

Honestly, it’s hard to say.

Someone intending to reach a fitness goal needs a consistent program to follow, not a random selection of isolated pieces.

This is where most vloggers fail.

So, how can you pounce?

A great way to make your YouTube fitness channel different from the rest is by focusing on how to help people achieve specific goals in your niche.

You can do this by creating a series of goal-specific videos. And when you’re through with that goal, you can move on to the next.

For example, say you’re in the weight loss niche. You can make a collection of videos (part #1, part #2, part #3, or kind of) that help consumers move from a certain benchmark (say 100 lbs) to another benchmark (say 70 lbs).

To make the experience a lot more fun for them, you can even incorporate strategies like weekly check-ins, collaborations, gamification, etc.

In other words, make your channel a place where consumers are enabled to reach fitness goals through guidance, consistency, and convenience.

Doing things this way will position you as a results-driven trainer who cares about helping people reach their fitness goals.

Now that we’ve established the things you need to do to make your channel stand out from the crowd let’s uncover some tips for success in the fitness niche on YouTube.

Sidebar Joke: Who else thinks YouTube cheats when displaying video vs. when displaying ads?

Tips for starting a successful fitness YouTube channel

Tips for starting a successful fitness YouTube channel

1. Content is king

Most YouTube fitness videos, nowadays, look like copycats at best. You watch ten plank videos, and they all look the same.

What the heck is going on?

If you want a successful channel, you need to deliver value to your viewers. A valuable content is something a viewer probably hasn’t seen or watched anywhere before.

Even if you’re creating a fitness video on a topic that everyone’s talked about, you need to approach it from a different perspective.

For example, instead of vlogging about “How to lose 7 pounds in 7 days” (which, mind you, almost 1 billion vloggers has already talked about), you can go from the angle of “How I lost 7 pounds in one week without ditching my chocolates.”

By and large, always brainstorm unique ideas, so your videos stand out in the crowd.

You get the gist?

2. Have a strong fan base before you go about promoting your videos

I know most blogs will tell you the next thing to do after content creation is to litter the internet with your videos so that you can get subscribers, views, and likes.

But I tell you to hold off that action for a minute and do something instead.

There are two ways you can make your videos successful on YouTube. One is by bringing views from outside (cross-promotion), and the other is by getting in-house views (YouTube SEO).

Guess what? Both of these strategies will deliver better results if you first do this thing I’m about to tell you.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about Buying YouTube views, subscribers, and likes for your videos.

Before you do any sort of promotion, first buy high-quality promo packages for your videos.

Why is this important? Because:

  • It gives you social proof: Social proof is the confirmation that other people love something. When people visit a YouTube page and find a meager number of views and subscribers, they get the impression that that channel is probably not loved or popular. And as such, they feel reluctant to interact with it.

When you buy YouTube views and subscribers, it gives any incoming traffic the assurance that your channel is loved and popular.

By the way, in case you don’t know how to get subscribers, views, and likes for YouTube, follow this link.

  • It exposes you to the YouTube algorithm: Before YouTube can expose your videos to other users when they come searching, the YouTube algorithm has to spot and rank your videos. The criteria for ranking are number of views, watch time, subscribers, and likes.

When you have plenty of these, you get ranked high and ultimately exposed to many users. Unfortunately, when you’ve just launched a video, it can take months to gather plenty of likes, views, and subscribers. Luckily, you can jumpstart the process by buying a couple of them. 

3. Promote, promote, promote

With good content flowing in your channel, and a bunch of social proof to go, you’re now well-equipped to promote your videos anywhere you like.

Obviously, the stronger your promotional skills, the farther your videos will go.

So, in order to push your videos into the faces of your target audience, ensure you promote into as many platforms as you can – across social media channels (Twitter, IG, CLUBHOUSE, TikTok, Facebook, etc.), online forums (Quora, Reddit, niche-specific blogs, etc.), and so on.