Reduce the excessive sweating, Problem of excessive sweating, Home remedies for reducing the excessive sweating

Sweating is a normal by-product of excessive workout or anxiousness and nervousness or hot temperature. In either case the sweat glands of our body becomes active and get rid of the toxins via sweat. However there are a few conditions where a person sweats even if he is not working out or nervous or in a hot climatic place. There are a few people who may sweat more than normal and that may be the case of hyperhidrosis or hormonal changes or too much of toxin in the body.

Toxins can be a result of any disease, substance abuse or poor dieting. If you have excess toxins in your body, it is apparent that your sweat glands will produce more sweat than usual. This is because through perspiration you body gets rid of the unnecessary pollutants. The first step towards How To Stop Excessive Sweating is to undergo a treatment which is causing this problem.

Easy Steps To Reducing Excessive Sweating In Your Body…

Following are the easy and simple tips for how to reduce excessive sweating:

1. Stay Clean

To get rid of the problem of excessive sweating, one should take a bath every day. Taking a shower twice a day would help you maintain the cleanliness of your body. It is important to wash your armpits when in shower and keep it clean and tidy. The bacteria in the armpit hair increase the rate of sweating so it is recommended to keep that area tidy and well-groomed.

2. Avoid Foods That Trigger Sweat

If you want to reduce the excessive sweating, it is necessary to cut down the consumption of chillies, onions, caffeine, peppers and garlic as these spices and food contains elements that increases the production of sweat. It is also advisable to avoid the consumption of processed foods as they consists toxins which trigger this medical condition. The mineral that helps you reduce sweat in your body is zinc and thus your food must contain more of zinc.

3. Fabric

It is recommended to wear only those clothes that are composed of fibre like wool and cotton. These clothes should be worn loosely in order to give the armpits some space to breather which helps in reducing the sweating. It is simply prohibited to wear nylon, silk or spandex as it makes them more evident.

4. Body Weight

If we compare, people who are overweight sweat more than those who are fit. This is because obese people need to work out more which increases the sweating in people. These people should include healthy food in their diet and work few days a week.

5. Natural Remedies

There are many herbal remedies available that will help you reduce the armpit sweating. You can use the baking powder or rub the lemon juice on your underarms once you have showered. These remedies don’t irk your skin. You can also use vinegar to reduce the armpit sweating. Use vinegar in the morning and rub in the armpit to let it dry. Vinegar saturates the pores and keeps it safe from the bacteria. Vinegar, especially apple vinegar has astringent properties which help in the reduction of sweat.

6. Beverage

Instead of having coffee every day, it is recommended to drink tea twice a day with dried sage. Dried sage is an herb that helps in reducing the armpit sweating in addition to many other health benefits.

These home remedies for reducing the excessive sweating or the medical condition of Hyperhidrosis are very effective. If followed wisely and regularly, one can see the difference in a few months and gradually get rid of the excessive sweating. The best thing to follow these steps is to live a healthy life with a healthy diet. There are even other ways of reducing this medical condition like undergoing surgeries, having oral medicines, iontophoresis machine or using anti-perspirants that will help you as a treatment.

Since 1940s, iontophoresis machines have been used to treat excessive sweating on hands, underarms and feet. Recently to make the iontophoresis treatment more effective for other parts of body, improvements have been done in iontophoresis machines. The use of iontophoresis presents no significant or serious side effects unlike many other surgical treatments.

So if you want risk free, money free treatment of excessive sweating, then it is advisable to follow the home remedies and see the results for yourself.


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