How to Treat Extremely Dry Skin on Face

When the birds start chirping lovely songs again as the trees and flowers come back to life in Spring, your skin is just about thawing, and all is well. In fact, your skin comes back to life as well, following winter’s dry spell but, not for long.

The hot, unforgivingly humid days of Summer are just about to start. It poses a new challenge for your skin. Are you ready to respond?

7 Tips To Help You Help Your Dry Skin This Summer

If, after all these years, you still find yourself struggling about the skin care routine that you should follow when the temp starts rising, wonder no more. Here are your 7 steps to treat an extremely dry face this Summer:

Step 1: Cleanse Your Face Only With Lukewarm Water And A Soap-Free Cleanser

Start improving your skin by regularly using only water at just the right temp and a cleanser that won’t leave any residues in your pores. Wash with water that’s too hot or too cold will only strip off your skin of natural oils even more.

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Step 2: Protect Your Skin From UV And Free Radical Damage

Beyond just mere moisturization, you need to amp up your skin protection so it does not get damaged any further. By protecting your skin, you are supporting the refortification of your skin’s top layer so that it becomes more resilient to damage and chapping but also, enhance your skin’s ability to stop surface water loss.

As much as you can, get yourself a sunscreen that also folds in antioxidants and skin rebuilding ingredients, in which case, mineral sunscreen actives that include titanium dioxide and zinc oxide will protect and rebuild. The most powerful antioxidants that you want to have in your protective step include Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin B3.

Step 3: Make Exfoliation A Weekly Habit

Some people can tolerate more than just once weekly. Make a decision based on how sensitive your skin is. You might have second thoughts about sloughing off dead skin cells but, only through exfoliation can you speed up healing. Exfoliation helps speed up your skin’s collagen production which, in turn, is a prerequisite for skin regeneration and renewal to happen.

Step 4: Spoil Your Skin With A Daily And Nightly Dose Of Moisture

Toning and moisturizing must never be skipped throughout summer. Toners have varying functions. Choose one that is moisturizing and alcohol-free. Glycerin is a basic ingredient for you to look for in your toner and moisturizer, both for day and night. Gwyneth Paltrow also swears by Omega 3 oil, “I use omega-3 oil. I love light oil on my skin. It’s one of my favorite feelings in the world”.

Make sure your moisturizer contains ingredients that help fortify your skin’s top layer to make it more resistant to damage and dryness while also strong enough to keep moisture in. Some of the ingredients to look for include aloe, tamanu oil, oat extracts, tea tree oil, coconut oil, ceramides, and Vitamin B3.

Step 5: Keep Moisturizing On-The-Go

The summer heat is simply too hot for your moisturizers to keep the hydration in for the full 12 hours, more or less. That’s why a moisturizing mist is a must for you. Keep one in your handbag and mist as often as you deem necessary.

Step 6: Stay Indoors As Much As You Can

It’s hard to stay in when everyone else is out in the sun but, staying indoors is one of the best, fastest ways to help your skin heal. Keep the temp on your most comfortable normal, that is, not too hot and not too cold. Make sure to install a humidifier to keep your surroundings moist with water droplets so that your skin can stay moisturized as well.

Step 7: Take In Plenty Of Fluids

Stick to water, and fresh fruit smoothies and juices. Skip the soda, canned juices, coffee and tea, at least until after your skin is completely healed. Add healthy, vegetable-based soups to your diet too.

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It’s not easy to keep a dewy but non-greasy face this season. You’re a big girl and you probably know that already. Now, you’re in on these 7 tips, there is no longer any reason why you should keep suffering from dry skin on face.