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How To Use The Gym To Boost Your Body Before Giving Birth

It’s one of the happiest times in life, but most women would agree that childbirth is hardly pleasing on the human body. It’s an incredibly changing period, and you should tap into any help you can during the months leading up to the birth.

Of course, some women will take care of things afterwards. They will turn to a boot camp, or even a procedure like breast augmentation to help perfect their body afterwards, in a bid to recover. Before you contemplate any of this, take a read of the following advice which looks at all of the ways you can use the gym to make giving birth all the more easier.

Yoga Can Be Your Best Friend

It might not be your preferred method of exercise (although for many, it always will have been), but yoga can be a Godsend in the months leading up to childbirth.

This is a form of exercise which will prepare your body to get into that elusive upright position as labour arrives. Ultimately, your pelvis will be looser and more open, which can result in an easier childbirth.

Let’s not also forget that all of the breathing techniques in yoga are not going to do you any harm as you prepare for labour.

The Power Of Kegels

Also known as pelvic floor exercises, Kegels can help you no-end. One of the biggest fears of a woman who hasn’t given birth in the past is how to “push”. Well, it’s going to be difficult regardless, but something which can make the process a little smoother are Kegels. These can strengthen the walls of your pelvic muscles, and make the labour process a little easier.

Get Yourself A Massage

Granted, not all gyms are going to offer a massage, but if yours does then take it with both hands. Funnily enough, this doesn’t have to target a specific area of the body, it’s all about making your overall body that little bit more supple. When your muscles get to this state, it will be far easier for them to relax and this is invaluable during labour. During the periods between contractions, you’ll find that the rests will feel a touch longer and when the time comes, this will make a monumental difference to you.

Use Your Posture To Help Position Your Baby

As we all know, during the labour process the position of your baby is crucial to how things go. If they are in prime position, labour can be a breeze. If they’re not, it can go on for hours.

This is where you can tap into exercise. Whether it is at the gym or at home, look to boost your posture whenever possible. Studies have found that simply being on your hands and knees for a total of twenty minutes per day (with a couple of intervals, we should add) means that there is more chance of your baby ending up in the correct position.

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