Hydration myths busted

Hydration is vital for your body. If you become dehydrated you will be faced with so many different health problems. You may like drinking water or not but what has to be remembered is that water makes up a huge part of your body weight.

It is important to make the body function as it should. The problem is that so many do not know much about drinking water and how important it is. Various myths appeared about hydration and they should not be seen as reality by anyone. Here are those that are the most common hydration myths that refuse to die.

Hydration myths busted

#1. False: You Have To Drink 8 Glasses Of Water Every Day

This arbitrary rule is trusted by way too many people. Ever since we are little we are told that we have to drink 8 glasses of water per day, which is around the equivalent of 2 liters. That is incorrect. In reality, the human body will normally need more than this in order to properly function.

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There is never a magic number when referring to how much water should be drank. Based on the individual, you may need more or less. Amounts will change every single day, based on weight, size, temperature, food and daily activities.

What you should always remember is that when you feel thirsty, you need to drink more water. What has to be remembered is that you have to drink as much water as to satisfy the thirst you feel. If you are home and you  are not comfortable with the water quality (this is a common concern for homeowners), choosing a water filter  will help get the water you need to stay hydrated.

#2. False: You Are Dehydrated If You Are Thirsty

If we are to look at things in a strict matter, this is technically true since thirst appears as a trigger when the water content of the body is too low. However, normal thirst levels appear when there is a body water reduction of up to 4%. If you do not have problems with your kidneys, it is something that is completely tolerable. It is just a sign that you should drink a glass of water.

Dehydration will turn into a problem when it goes over 8% body water reduction. In this stage you should already be faced with fatigue and dizziness. You need to only use this thirst principle as a rule only when you exercise.

#3. False: Sports Drinks Are Great When You Work Out

Drinking water false claims

Unfortunately, this myth mainly appeared because of the media and various marketing campaigns. Sports drinks will be great for the body as you work out since they replenish lost electrolytes. However, sports drinks are really bad in the event that you rely on them for your hydration needs. Only use them when you exercise for longer periods of time. For the rest of the day plain water is the best option you have.

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#4. False: Water Removes Body Toxins

The misconception is that when you drink a lot of water you will cleanse your body. What should be seen as reality is that when you drink enough water the metabolism will work correctly. This brings in natural detoxification. The body needs a specific quantity. Everything above that is simply not going to help that much. In fact, when you drink too much water the detoxification process will be prevented. Blood salt concentration is lowered. This makes the liver and the kidneys become damaged.

These are the most popular hydration myths that refuse to die. Hope this information will help you to set the record straight, as crystal clear as the water you drink.