Infrared tanning beds have been a popular treatment in recent years. Don’t let the word “tanning” mislead you – an infrared tanning bed has nothing to do with darkening your skin. Neither does it expose you to harmful UV rays that can contribute to skin aging and cancer.

Infrared tanning bed session has been proven to help with versatile health and beauty concerns. Thousands of studies have been conducted on the subject, backing up claims about its effectiveness. One of the best things about this method is that it is a non-invasive procedure that can be obtained from the comfort of your home.

If you want to know more about infrared tanning beds and how you can benefit from them, keep on reading!

What Is Infrared Tanning Bed?

An infrared tanning bed is a form of red light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation. It includes laying under LED light panels that emit red and infrared light wavelengths. These wavelengths are characterized by penetrating skin 5-10mm and positively affecting cellular functions. 

When you get exposed to a red light therapy device, mitochondrial metabolism in each cell increases, resulting in boosted ATP production. The more ATP appears in the cell, the better it carries out its duties. What’s more, they replicate and recover more effectively. All these contribute to improved bodily functions and overall well-being.  

Benefits Of Red Light Therapy 

Infrared Tanning Bed At Home

Infrared tanning bed has versatile benefits. It is a convenient way of getting full-body exposure, targeting your whole body at once. 

Now let’s dive deeper into some of the most prominent advantages of RLT in the following sections.

1. Skin Improvement 

Red light therapy has been proven to be a successful treatment for many skin concerns. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help get rid of acne breakouts and averts the spread of bacteria. What’s more, red light therapy boosts cell turnover and collagen production, making it effective in fighting wrinkles and fine lines. 

An infrared tanning bed can be a continuous treatment for psoriasis. It is an autoimmune disease that causes patchy red bumps on the skin surface, appearing in various parts of the face and body. Psoriasis has no permanent solution, so patients require regular treatments. RLT has been proven to speed up the healing of psoriasis scales and make the condition easier to manage. 

If you don’t have any serious skin issues, you can still benefit from red light therapy as it can improve skin appearance, texture and help you obtain a healthy glow from within. 

2. Wound Healing 

Infrared tanning beds can speed up wound recovery as well. Red light promotes cell recovery and increases nitric oxide levels that improves blood circulation. Light therapy has been shown to help form new blood vessels, which is essential for delivering necessary nutrients to the affected area. 

What’s more, an infrared tanning bed can help you get rid of scars. Scarring is part of a natural healing process that happens due to collagen overproduction. Red light optimizes collagen levels, and scars fade away gradually. 

3. Sleep Benefits 

If you’re trying to tackle insomnia and improve sleep quality, infrared tanning bed sessions can be a solution. Red light therapy boosts melatonin production, which is necessary for signaling your brain that it’s time to sleep. Moreover, red light particles soothe the brain, resulting in better sleep and help you wake up free of energy in the morning.   

4. Muscle Recovery

When you first start working out or upgrade your routine with new moves, you’ll likely feel muscle soreness after some time. Excessive training puts a great deal of stress on muscles, causing inflammation and pain. Red light therapy can help you recover from post-workout soreness quickly, thanks to improved blood circulation and anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, professional athletes use infrared tanning beds to help them keep up with extensive daily training.

How To Get Infrared Tanning Bed At Home 

An infrared tanning bed can be life-altering for you. However, keep in mind that for the results to start showing, you need to get sessions consistently. Going to the salon for multiple appointments can be pretty pricey – the cost of a single red light therapy session costs between $25-200 or more. Therefore, it may be more convenient and cost-efficient to consider getting infrared tanning bed benefits at your own home.

Full body, in-home red light therapy devices are widely available online. Even though you’d have to make a sizable one-time purchase, in the long run, you’re going to get your money’s worth. Although it is essential to ensure that you’re purchasing a powerful light panel that can deliver the medical-grade benefits RLT is known and loved for. 

Is Infrared Tanning Bed Safe?

Scientists have been studying red light therapy and its effects for a long time. Regardless of extensive research, they weren’t able to find any adverse side effects, making RLT a safe treatment method. However, before you decide to treat your concerns with infrared tanning beds, make sure you consult a healthcare specialist to see if it is the best fit for you.