Is It Possible For Vegans To Achieve Great Bodybuilding Results

It is a well-known fact that sportspeople need proteins for their muscles and strength and the most common belief is that the best way to reach their daily protein requirements is through animal sources. But, nowadays vegan bodybuilders are more aware of the unmeasured benefits from ditching animal products or at least avoiding eating meat. The reasons why people want to give up meat and animal products and become vegan or vegetarian are individual.

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The question remains, if you are a sportsperson and want to compete, is it possible to turn vegan? Although the answer might have seem controversial a few decades ago, turning vegan can even improve your sports results and you may experience more energy and better stamina and endurance while competing. Turning vegan has become trendy among bodybuilders in the last decade. Veganism can help sportspeople build more muscles and shorten recovery time after intensive training. People are able to achieve great results in sports without depending on animal proteins and meat.

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How Vegans Reach The Necessary Protein Requirements?

Understanding that protein consist of amino acids is crucial. From many amino acids found in protein, 22 are the most important. Only nine amino acids, out of these 22 important ones, are derived from the food we eat. The reason why these are called essential amino acids is because it is essential that the human body obtains them from the food people consume. The rest 13 amino acids are being produced within the human body. Meat, dairy products and eggs contain all of the essential amino acids, while food growing from Earth contains some of them. It is also worth noting that the amount of amino acids that plant-based food contains are less than those coming from animal sources.

How Vegans Reach The Necessary Protein Requirements

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Therefore, it is of great importance that sportspeople combine different sources of plants-based foods to reach the necessary amino acids in order to form a complete protein. If garbanzo beans lacks four amino acids, i.e. methionine, leucine, valine and lysine, then people should combine it with rice, since it contains 8 amino acids lacking only lysine. Other legumes, beans and lentils for example, are rich sources of lysine, thus combining rice with them is also a good example. It is also important to stress that combining different amino acid does not have to happen in one meal at once. The body has the ability to absorb and store and therefore, if you take the adequate intake of essential amino acids in course of a whole day, then the body will form the complete protein to build your muscles.

Another excellent sources of essential amino acids are seeds and nuts. Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flaxseed, chiaseeds, walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts and peanuts are all packed with nutrients among which essential amino acids are dominant. As long as vegan bodybuilders and other sportspeople do not limit their nutrition plan only to one or two protein rich plant-based foods, they shouldn’t worry about how they will get the proteins they need.

Few are aware that there are foods that are rich with complete protein sources that do not come from animals. Chiaseeds, amaranth, soy, quinoa and hemp contain all of the nine essential amino acids to form a complete protein. However, these foods do not contain the same amount of protein as animal products. For comparison, one tablespoon of chiaseeds has only 2.5 grams of protein and same amount of hemp contains 3.5 grams. If you compare it with meat protein, 3 oz serving of it has around 21 grams of complete protein, and this is only one third of the necessary daily protein men’s needs. Therefore, while it is much easier for meat loving sportsmen to meet their daily protein needs, vegan sportsmen and women should have a more deep examination of their nutrition if they want to achieve better results and manage to succeed with their set goals.

How To Replace Whey Protein Shakes?

How To Replace Whey Protein Shakes

Every well educated sportsman knows that after a hard and intensive workout, your body needs a full protein to shorten recovery time for your muscles and relieve pain. The best way that your body absorbs protein is when taken with liquid. Whey protein shakes are a best option, but, vegan bodybuilder who do not take any animal protein sources should consider taking plant-based protein powders. Pumpkin seeds protein powders are the best option, although there are many other great sources of proteins on the market which are not coming from any animal products.


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