Tired looking eyes can get in the way of good looking skin. See, no matter how much makeup you use or how fashionable your outfits are, you won’t really stand out — well, sure, temporarily you will, while your makeup lasts, that is — if you have less than perfect skin.  That said, before fussing about anything else in your beauty routine, you’d rather start off perfecting your skin.

You’ll be in for a surprise when you find out that some of your kitchen regulars can do wonderful improvements to your skin — and they’re inexpensive!  These, you got to try to get rid of bags under eyes:

1.  Cucumber Slices

It’s likely you’ve heard about how cucumbers can help depuff your eyes.  Well, that’s not the only skin benefit that you can derive from it.  It’s made up mostly of water which gives it a natural capability to soak your skin in moisture that can deeply penetrate skin.

It also consists of silica which aids in brightening your dark circles. If you’ve heard of it before but, never really tried it, just give it a chance and you just might be in for a wonderful surprise. Products like encante serum are also helpful for reducing under eye dark circles and wrinkles.

2.  Baking Soda

This natural remedy may not be suitable for very sensitive skin. If yours doesn’t react that much to products, then you’re likely to be a good candidate for a baking soda mask.


Simply put a generous amount of baking soda in a small bowl and put in a drop or two of lukewarm water just to wet the baking soda. Apply as a mask on cleansed skin. Leave on for no more than 15 minutes then rinse off with lukewarm water.

3.  Carbonated Water

Wash your face with it or wet a cotton ball with it and use it as a toner.  Carbonated water may not be as good when you drink it but, lately, this sparkling is gaining popularity and might just become the next DIY skincare superstar.

What makes it good for your skin?  It helps improve circulation, which, after all, is the primary solution you need to directly address what’s causing you to have dark circles — constricted vessels and leaking blood and other fluids. It also deeply penetrates your skin in a few seconds to moisturize it.

4.  Olive Oil

You can use it as an oil cleanser or use it to moisturize skin around your eyes. A drop of olive oil contains loads of antioxidants, Vitamin A and Vitamin E which help your skin fight free radicals. These also contain natural anti-inflammatory and skin lightening properties that even out your skin complexion.

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With continued use, your dark circles will become much less prominent and your once dark patch of skin will appear younger and renewed.

5.  Lemon Juice


Squeeze out the juice of one lemon. Mix it one part to one part of lukewarm water. Give the solution a quick mix.  Dip your cotton ball into the solution and use it as a toner. Safely put away any excess in an opaque bottle and set aside in the fridge. Use it for as long as two weeks.

Lemon contains citric acid, a natural skin exfoliant and brightener, plus it also has high levels of Vitamin C.  Its high antioxidant content helps protect your skin form further damage. Just remember to never use lemon juice in full concentration for this DIY remedy or, your skin may get burned.

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6.  Lime and Sugar

Use this combination as a scrub. Of course, you can always substitute lime with lemon or any fruit with high citric acid content.  Pour in a quarter of a cup of sugar in a bowl.  Drop the juice of one lemon to create a wet but not liquified mixture.

Wet your face with lukewarm water then use it as a scrub. If desired, you may also use this mixture as a mask. That will give the lemon more time to soak your skin in its naturally skin brightening ingredients simultaneously as the sugar sloughs away dead skin cells to make way for the beneficial ingredients to seep in.

7.  Tomato

Mash the tomatoes, including its thick skin or, use a blender or food processor to achieve a liquified mixture that’s not too smooth. You don’t need to strain, just leave the seeds in there. Use the tomato to cleanse your face with. If you have more time, use as a mask or, use as a toner.


The healthiest food in your kitchen can also be easily transformed into the most inexpensive skin brighteners that let you say goodbye to dark circles.