Lower Back Pain Causes

The number one cause of lower back pain is muscle strain and sprains. Back pain from muscle strain usually develops over a long period of time. As our muscles develop high levels of acidic by-products, due to muscle contractions, these acidic by-products can accumulate in the muscle and begin to irritate the muscle and eventually cause pain.

Infections, kidney, bladder, prostate, female pelvic disorders, menstruation, cancer and constipation can also cause back pain.

In this article, we will be discussing about the 10 everyday habits that can cause back pain and home remedies to treat the pain.

10 Everyday Bad Habits that Cause Back Pain

1. Sitting for an extensive period of time – This includes driving, sitting at a desk, or being a couch potato.

2. Phone use – Holding the phone between your shoulder and your ear is extremely bad for your back and neck.

3. Slouching while sitting or standing – Many people do not walk upright or sit upright. This includes standing as well. Both feet should be firm on the ground, back straight and hips straight. Find out how you can achieve a better posture and avoid back pain by clicking here.

4. Lifting, Pushing, Pulling and Carrying – Whether it’s your child, a bag, a purse, a back pack or furniture. If they are not lifted, pushed, pulled or carried properly, it can and will take a toll on your back.

weight lifting

5. Stress and Depression – Believe it or not, stress contributes to almost all diseases and problems within the body. Learning how to relax can help reduce or eliminate back pain.

6. Using a low quality mattress and/or pillow – If you have woken up with back or neck pain a soft mattress can contribute to this problem. When you sleep your back should be in alignment. A soft vs firm mattress or an improper pillow can throw your back out of alignment, hence causing back pain.

7. Lack of movement – If you don’t like to exercise, whether it’s walking, lifting weights or yoga this can cause weakening in your musculoskeletal system. Inflexible muscles are much more prone to injury. Picture cold taffy vs. warm taffy. That’s almost equivalent to a strong musculoskeletal system vs. a weak one.

8. Sports – If you play sports on a regular basis, this can also cause back pain. However, this is usually due to “rough play” or even a lack of warming up.

9. Weight Gain – This is often over looked, but weight gain can play a huge role in back pain. The more weight you gain the more stress you put on your spine. Click here to find out which 3 foods you can change to help you lose weight!

10. Smoking – Millions smoke worldwide and even though research has not been able to pin point why, it does play a role in back pain.

One big contributing factor of back pain is the degeneration of the intervertabral disk. These disks provide cushion between the vertebrae. Even at times, a slight strain or twist can cause the disk to rupture, or herniate allowing the interior of the disk to protrude and press against the spinal cord. This can result in really bad back pain.

A herniated disk can be the reason of severe back pain and scatia, especially lower back pain.

However, it is difficult to determine disk disease as the cause of most back pain. This reason is because many adults past the age of 40, may suffer from back pain or not, but will have some disk degeneration.

Most causes of back pain is due to strains, sprains, or muscle spasms. Generally these types of cases are acute and can be relieved in a matter of days. There are tons of natural home remedies to treat lower back pain and get relief. Following are some of the best and most effective treatments for lower back pain

Home Remedies to Treat The Back Pain

1. Breath – Focus on your breathing! Breath properly in a slow, controlled fashion, this will help in the lower back relief process.

2. Drink Water – When your pain hits, drink two large glasses of water. Drinking water often gives back pain relief within minutes. Muscle pain is often associated with dehydration.

3. Pain Relief Cream– It’s highly recommended you use a really good ointment for quick lower back pain relief. Moov Cream is really good and it works like magic. Moov pain relief cream is one of the most popular and widely used pain relieving cream, which can be used for headache, joint pain, muscle pain and other conditions.

Pain Relief Cream

4. Ice – If your pain is followed by an injury or sudden movement, apply ice (this helps with inflammation) for the first 48 hours and heat after.

5. Aqua Therapy – Aqua therapy is great. If you have access to a pool, swimming can help alleviate the pressure in your lower back.

6. Rest – Take bed rest on a firm bed. Every couple of hours walk around and arch your back backward (depending on the severity).

7. Bath – Soak in a very warm bath. Add Bath Jelly to your bath to hold the heat longer and create a therapeutic experience.

8. Walk – Walk forward for 10 minutes in an S-line. Walk to the right using 3-4 steps, then to the left for 3-4 steps.

9. Lying Down – Lie on the floor and place your calves on a couch or chair so that you legs are raised. Take a small to medium towel and roll it up. Place it under the side of your neck to keep your spine aligned and reduce any pressure.

Lie on a hard floor, pull your knees toward your chest and lock your hands on your knees. Slowly rock your body back and forth, for 1-2 minutes or just hold your knees for a couple minutes, only until you feel the strain getting intense. Don’t forget to take deep, slow, controlled breaths (better for acute back pain).

10. Sitting – When sitting try to keep your knees higher than your hips and keep your feet flat on the floor. You can also use a pillow under your feet for better positioning.

11. Brush your back, legs and feet for 10 minutes after a warm bath – Use a soft brush. Brush the soles of your feet from heels to the toes. Focus on the point below the ball of the foot, in the center. Brush each toe from root to tip. Brush the back of your leg from the calf to the thigh. Brush your back from the upper back to the lower back.

12. Wash your back with rice vinegar – Boil 300 ml of rice vinegar, cool to a comfortable hot temperature and wash the painful spot for 15 minutes once a day.

These are some of the most effective and widely used home remedies for back pain. However, if your lower back pain continues after a few days, it is highly recommended you see your Doctor or a health care professional.