Moving to America

Whether you are a student who wishes to broaden their existing knowledge to one of the world’s top universities or you are looking for a better job opportunity, moving abroad is a great way to go about it. Living in a foreign country as an expat can be one of the best experiences you can have in your life especially if you move to a country like the United States.

In general, the USA is one of the top countries for expats because it offers them the opportunity to live out the “American Dream”. This includes being independent, working a job you love, traveling and meeting new people which is basically living your life the best way you can.

In order to do this successfully, you must first acquaint yourself with the basics that constitute the well-known US lifestyle. This article covers everything you need to know about it, from prepping before you move to settling in.

Prep before the move

Besides preparing mentally for living in America, you must also be physically ready before your official move. This includes both packing all the things you need as well as gathering all paperwork necessary for relocation.

The latter is actually the most important because the USA has a few strict rules and laws that expats must obey in order to move to the country. From getting a professional USCIS translation of all personal documents to organizing housing, your moving-to-the-USA checklist must be fully completed before you get on the plane. By taking care of these things early on, you are making sure you have a smooth transition.

Learn about the culture

Learning about the culture is one of the key elements for feeling like a true American. In fact, there are numerous principles and customs that constitute the US lifestyle and make the country well known because of them.

For example, while many countries, especially in Europe, put emphasis on being practical and concise, Americans prefer large and luxurious. This “thinking big” concept has actually been attributed to almost anything, from food to cars to living spaces.

Also, Americans love their holidays, so make sure you learn about the most important dates in their calendar so you can celebrate them together.

Be self-sufficient

One of the things that are most valued in the USA is being self-sufficient. This can be best defined by having a job, living in a house on your own and taking care of the household without any external assistance. In fact, many young American adults leave home after graduation and become independent at an early age.

So, before you make your move, you should look for a job that suits your working profile as well as a place to live. If you want to cut on expenses, you should look for a house or an apartment that is close to your job.

Be socially active

Moving to America What It Takes to Live the US Lifestyle

Another great thing about American people is that they are very friendly, outgoing and generally extroverted. In fact, they are considered the masters of small talk as you can get greeted by a stranger at the bus station and talk about the weather, sports or popular TV shows in no time.

So, as an expat living in America, being socially active can really make your stay more enjoyable. No matter which city you choose to live in, there are tons of things you can do to make fast friends. You can join a book club, get cooking lessons or simply join other expat groups where you will surround yourself with people from all over the world and expand your friend circles.

Final thoughts

With so many opportunities and great experiences the US offers, it shouldn’t come as a surprise why many foreigners decide to move there. The chances to meet people from all over the world, get a job you love, travel and create a lifestyle of your choice are just some of the things why the USA is considered the most attractive relocation destination for expats.

So, while you are gathering your paperwork and getting ready to make your transition, be sure you refer back to our post and familiarize yourself with the basics of what it takes to live the US lifestyle.


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