Muscle Building Exercises For Women

Muscle building is a form of exercise for both men and women athletes. Muscle building workouts for women athletes can help to gain a great body and also increase the self-confidence.

There are various types of muscle building exercises that assist you lose extra fats and change your physical appearance that you desire.

Before dong any kind of workouts, you should first consult a health and fitness expert who is experienced in muscle building exercises.

1. Split Squat

The first great workout for women athletes is the split squat. Women are naturally much more flexible compared to men. Split squats are ideal for building strong and powerful butt, hamstrings and quads.

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Building up these muscle groups will increase your lower body power and also give a dramatic effect on your quickness, speed and agility.

2. Lateral Raise

Another great workout for women athletes is the lateral raise. Dumbbell lateral raise improves your body’s appearance by forming size contrasts between shoulders, waist and hips. It will also improve your athletic performance.

3. Planks

This workout is one of the most popular exercises and it is among the most essential ones to gain core strength. It is a great way to strengthen not only the core abdominal muscles, but also the muscles of the back, hips and pelvic floor.

4. Deadlift

The deadlift is an ideal lower body workout for women athletes as it promotes a stronger lower back and core as well as more powerful legs and butt. This exercise is a compound movement and it recruits almost every major muscle in your body to execute it.

5. Plyometric

Plyometrics are very important for sports athletes. Several athletes and coaches work with plyometric exercises to develop strength and speed, increase coordination and agility as well as efficiently increase sports performance.

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Plyometric exercise for women athletes are squat jumps, lateral jump squats, table jump squat and plyometric pushups. Plyometric workouts are specialized, high intensity training techniques used to build athletic power and endurance.

6. Triceps Extension

It is a very beneficial workout for toning the muscles on the back of shoulders and triceps.  Triceps extension comes in all forms like dumbbell, bent-over, cable, reverse press downs and machine press downs.

Developing, shaping and conditioning the triceps are important for many reasons. Benefits of the triceps extension workout include its isolation, effect, convenience and variety.

7. Dumbbell Step-ups

This exercise focuses on butt muscles and hamstrings to build thinner, stronger legs and a tighter, lifted rear. The dumbbell step ups can improve coordination and power in the legs helping the athlete jump to new heights.

8. Hamstring Exercises

The hamstrings are one of the most powerful and strong muscles you have as an athlete.  These muscles help to transfer power between your knees and hips, propel your forward motion and control your performance as an athlete.

You can become faster and prevent the possibility of injury with hamstring exercises such as hamstring raise, hamstring curls, etc.

What do you think about these exercises? Have some more great exercises to share? Do share your feedback via comments on this post.