Natural Deodorants Pros

What’s in your beauty regimen, and how is it affecting your overall health and fitness? Deodorants and antiperspirants are among the most common items in our beauty collections. They help you step out confidently. After a sweaty session, we dread meeting people, be it a vigorous workout or a nervous moment where we sweat profusely. The stench coming out can be disturbing, hence the deodorants and antiperspirants. But, did you know that your beauty products could be causing you more harm than good?

More consumers continue to realize the risks posed by various products, prompting them to switch to more friendly options. For example, natural deodorant free from fragrances, aluminum, and other ingredients that could affect your health is an ideal addition to your regimen. If you haven’t switched yet, here is why it would help if you opted for a natural deodorant.


Are you always looking closer at the deodorant’s ingredients, trying to spot what could be causing allergic reactions and rashes?  Deodorants are among the top causes of fragrance-based allergic skin reactions, a concern that can considerably affect your efforts to keep body-odor away. This is among the significant pitfalls with deodorants that you can be addressed by switching to skin-friendly natural options. Apart from keeping the allergic reaction and rashes at bay, ingredients in natural deodorants such as castor wax, palm kernel oil, offer a soothing effect while making the skin soft and glossy. Such skin-friendly contributions give natural deodorants a considerable edge, especially for individuals with sensitive and oily skin.

Natural Deodorants Health Benefits

It is healthy

Sweating is healthy; it is your body’s temperature regulation mechanism that also doubles as a way of releasing toxins. Most chemical-laden deodorants affect your sweating by clogging the pores. This can cause significant health issues, not just bumps, and painful skin irritation. Sweat build-up makes the odor worse, as the bacteria responsible for digesting it increases, affecting the body’s ability to deal with bad bacteria, hence the bad smell. Aluminum compounds are linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s, making the chemical-laden deodorants more harmful.  The aluminum in such deodorants could even cause an acidic reaction to the fabric, resulting in gross stains on your clothes. With natural deodorants, you won’t have to worry about such concerns, making it easier to maintain an effective health and beauty regimen.

Your sweat doesn’t smell

Here is the kicker; your sweat is nothing more than a mixture of water and salt, which doesn’t give off a bad smell. While you are focused on stopping the sweat, you aren’t keeping the odor away. Your sweat’s reaction with the natural bacteria found on the skin is what causes the bad odor. As such, as you endeavor to keep the bad odor away, you should target that reaction, not stop sweating. Natural deodorants let you keep sweating while targeting the reaction with ingredients such as tea tree oil. They conceal the smell and may also lessen the bacteria to avoid the reaction and the consequential odor.

Staying fresh all day isn’t a cakewalk, but it would help if you didn’t affect your body’s natural cooling process. Keep sweating, and with natural deodorants, beat the bad body odors; it is the easiest way to stay fresh and healthy.