Natural remedies to stop snoring

Having difficulty getting a good night’s sleep because of your snoring partner? Or worse still, have you often woken up because of your own loud snoring. Either way, it is something that can disrupt sleep and keep you up and tossing the entire night causing irritability.

There are however several measures or lifestyle changes you can make to control snoring in you or your partner to enjoy sound sleep.

Let’s take a look at these 9 natural and effective remedies to beat snoring and have a good night sleep.

#1. Sleep On Your Side

If you have a mild snoring problem then this might just do the trick. If you maintain a side sleeping position the breathing passageways in the throat become unblocked allowing free breathing. The only problem maybe to ensure you stay on your side while sleeping and this can usually be achieved using a pillow.

#2. Adjust Height Of Pillow Or Bed

Raising the head of your bed or height of your pillow may help with a mild snoring problem. Elevating your head may help open up airways and prevent your tongue from falling back and blocking your throat. However ensure that it is not too high as this can constrict airways and result in snoring again. Figure out the right height for your head and neck to rest comfortably to make sure to can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

#3. Using Essential Oils

Essential oils like eucalyptus and peppermint go a long way in helping with snoring. It helps in decongestion of the chest and nasal passageways for free breathing. Just add few drops of these oils to a bowl of hot water and inhale the steam before going to bed. You can alternately use this with a steam inhaler as well if available. This would help clear out blocked airways and reduce inflammation that may be causing your snoring problems.


#4. Keep A Check On Bodyweight

Often the problem behind snoring can be as simple as excess bodyweight. The extra weight especially around the throat area can cause the throat to narrow when you lay down, creating a snoring problem. Reducing and keeping a check on your weight is often the solution for healthier sleeping pattern especially for those suffering from snoring issues. Get a healthy lifestyle which includes organic food, vegetable juices and so on to control your weight.

#5. Try A Humidifier

Sometimes when the air around you is dry it makes your nasal membranes and throat to dry out causing congestion. This may interfere with the natural breathing pattern resulting in snoring while sleeping. Keeping a humidifier in the room can help eliminate the dry air and provide you with a more comfortable sleep, aiding natural breathing. You may also add essential oils in the humidifier for added benefits.

#6. Control or Avoid Alcohol Intake

A simple lifestyle change that one should consider to prevent snoring is to avoid or limit consumption of alcohol before going to bed. Snoring occurs due to the relaxed state of the tongue and throat causing vibrations that result in snoring. Alcohol relaxes most people and can worsen the snoring condition. So it is best to keep a check on this habit for those who suffer from snoring.

Avoid Alcohol Intake

#7. Consider Taking Vitamin C

Blocked sinuses can obstruct free breathing by obstructing the airways. Vitamin C helps to build and improve the immune system that would in turn help with clearing out the sinuses. Foods rich in vitamin C such as pineapple, papaya, orange etc. can help with this or you can even consider taking supplements.

#8. Keep Your House Clean

Though this may sound like a minor adjustment but actually can significantly help with your snoring problem. Allergens like dust and pollen that maybe unseen can actually cause congestion and block your airways, preventing free breathing and contribute to snoring. You can also try using steam inhaler for clear and clean airways. This is especially important for those suffering from sinus and other breathing issues too keep your house spick and span. Cleaning and changing your air filters on a regular basis also makes a world of difference.

#9. Incorporate Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises like pranayama which is a type of yoga technique focuses on controlling your breathing. It teaches you to regulate your breathing pattern with slow breathing in and out. Pranayama (yoga) offers relief from various sleeping disorders as it helps you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Consider signing up for classes and practicing on a regular basis to help control and possibly eliminate snoring.