10 New Year's Resolutions Your Family Should Make

Who says that making resolutions at the start of a new year is just for adults? In fact, most kids love to work towards a goal and learn quite a bit from achieving their own goals. Creating a list as a family is also a great way to improve accountability and make healthy changes together. Here are ten great New Year’s resolutions your family should make.

1. Less Screen Time

One of the bigger challenges a lot of families face these days is too much screen time. In fact, look around your living room. Is everyone on some sort of tech at the same time? If so, it might be time to set a goal to limit tech use for the coming year. While this might be a bit of a challenge for everyone, you can also use tools like parental controls or limiter apps to reduce temptation. Some cell phone for kids even come with special tools to make reducing usage easier.

2. More Movement

Health and wellness are always popular topics when it comes to making New Year’s resolutions. For families, a good goal is to increase the amount of movement. This doesn’t have to be anything super big, either. A simple walk with the dog around the block three or four evenings a week is usually sufficient. Or decide on a nearby place to go for a short hike one Saturday morning a month. Get input from the kids and come up with a plan for everyone to enjoy together.

3. Reduce Junk Food Intake

Another great resolution for families to make together is to reduce junk food intake. If your children are old enough, you can even research the amount of sugar and calories contained in their favorite treats and sodas to give them a better perspective on why diet is important for all of us. However, it is important to remember that kids learn by example. So, make sure you’re making an effort to change your diet, too.

4. Designate a Family Night Together

Being together as a family can sometimes be tough when everyone has a different schedule during the week. Thus, a good goal is to designate a family night together. Maybe it is a Tuesday where you have a movie night and rotate who gets to pick the film. Or perhaps Fridays are designed as board game night. Whatever your family enjoys, create a standing date and stick with it.

5. Eat Dinner at the Table

Busy evenings sometimes mean everyone retreats to their own corner of the house at dinnertime. Instead, strive to ensure everyone eats at the table together. This is a good time to talk about your day, have a meaningful discussion, and generally spend more time present with those you love. And remember to set a rule of no tech at the table.

6. Work Towards a Financial Goal

Another good goal for families in the coming year is to work together towards a financial goal. Maybe that’s a new television for the living room, a vacation to somewhere everyone will enjoy, or a new pet. Whatever that item is, each person can work to contribute towards it. Keep a tally of where you’re at to make it easy to visually see how much more effort is needed for achievement.

7. Enjoy Designated Reading Time

If you have younger children, consider designating reading time each evening. This is meant to be an hour or half-hour where all tech goes off and each person picks up a book. After all, good readers generally do better in school, and watching parents engage in reading is always encouraging. Plus, as a parent, getting that extra time to learn about a new subject or get lost in a fiction read is pretty enjoyable.

8. Plan a Vacation

If you’re able to, create a resolution to plan a vacation as a family. Take a vote with your kids to decide where they want to go, then create a budget that fits that location. Have your little ones help you research options for hotels, activities, travel, and more. When everyone works together, they’re much more likely to be extra excited when it is time for the adventure.

9. Learn a New Skill Together

Families can also set a resolution to learn a new skill together. This can be something like a new language, hobby, or some other task that everyone of all ages can attempt together. If you’ve been wanting to find out more about a particular subject, don’t be afraid to let your kids in on the fun. This is a great way for everyone in the household to spend time together and share a unique educational experience.

10. Remember to Focus on the Positive

Especially as children get older, it can be easy to get lost in the details of the daily grind. But constantly keeping tabs on the negative can lead to a lot more stress for everyone. Instead, make a resolution as a family to focus on the positive at least once a day. Create a routine where each person talks about the best part of their day or what they’re thankful for in that moment. Even on the hardest days, it is easy to find at least one thing to be happy about. And talking about it together breeds a positive mindset that’s good for everyone in your household.

Conclusion: Best New Year’s Resolutions for Families

Setting your family up for the best year ever starts with having shared goals. With these ten ideas, finding one that your family will enjoy is easy. Just remember to include as much input from your kids to ensure everyone gets to take part in the fun.