Non-Traditional Choices for Your Wedding

Every couple getting married should have a special wedding. For some brides, this means following a very traditional path including registering for China, wearing white and having a seated dinner for 200. Other brides prefer the aspects of their day to be less conventional.


Somewhere along the way, a jewelry company made up the formula that an engagement ring should be three times the groom’s monthly salary, and somewhere along the way, brides started believing it. This accepted tradition gets many newly engaged ladies a large rock on her finger, but for some, this just isn’t what they want. There are many beautiful rings available that won’t break the bank including aquamarines, sapphires, pearls reset from your grandmother’s necklace, Black Hills gold jewelry sets or ring tattoos. Rings are a symbol of commitment and fidelity to your partner and do not need to come with debt.


No one assumes anything about your relationship with your significant other anymore whether you wear pure white or not. White is tradition started in 1840 when Queen Victoria’s wedding dress was widely publicized. There is a good chance your great-grandmother wore something nice but practical that could be worn again. She might have even knitted or sewed the dress herself. If you can’t convince your mother to let you break from tradition and wear pink or green, add your own touch under the skirt with sneakers, cowboy boots, or a layer of color in your underskirt.


Most weddings used to take place in a church and then a reception would follow in the fellowship hall or a local lodge. Now, it seems many weddings take place in an all-in-one venue where guests can move seamlessly from a chapel to reception area. If neither of these two options speak to you, consider some non-traditional venues such as a brewery, library, park or pier. These options work well if you want a quick casual ceremony.


Who says you even must have attendants? You don’t. Save everyone’s hurt feelings at not getting “picked” and the drama of the unflattering bridesmaids’ dresses and stand alone at the altar with your sweetie. Another option if both of you come from big families is to be flanked on each side by all your siblings. She may have two brothers and he may have two sisters, but who cares? You will be surrounded by people you love.

The only formula for a successful wedding is one where you and your partner get happily married at the end. Everything before that should be your choice and your style.