Norditrack S22i Spin Bike Reviews

We all want to live the good life. We work hard and we engage in activities that contribute to our success. While these are definitely essential to live the good life, we must not forget that health is a major aspect that we should count in. In this day and age, it is quite a challenge to squeeze in some time for fitness and workouts. Though having a hectic schedule and a busy work and home-life is understandable, it is time that we ditch all our excuses because we have equipment like spin bikes to let us workout in the most convenient times and settings possible. Today, we are going to look at one of the top-rated spin bikes in the market, the Norditrack S22i Spin Bike. Read on and discover if this is a bike that can suit you and your lifestyle.

A Closer Look at the Norditrack S22i Spin Bike

Amazing Features and Specifications

Closer Look at the Norditrack S22i Spin Bike Reviews

1. 22” HD Touch screen

Unlike other bikes, this 22-inch screen features a high-definition resolution that is perfect to give you a superb viewing experience as you exercise. Paired with iFit, an app that lets you in on cycling classes of your choice, you will definitely feel best assisted by world-class personal trainers in every class. It also allows you create your personalized workout while giving you amazing camera angles. Navigation and maneuvering is a breeze because you can instantly do so with its touch screen feature.

2. Quiet Magnetic Resistance and Upper-body workout

This takes your personalized workout preferences and settings to a whole new level with its friction-free resistance system. Instantly switch among 22 digital resistance levels as you wish. There is no discomfort in this device, only peace and tranquility as you achieve your fitness goals. It also comes with a set of 3-pound dumbbells that you can use for an upper body workout. Storage for the dumbbells is accessibly located under the bike’s console so you literally have everything you need.

3. Durable build, adjustable saddles, and safe operation

This bike has an impeccable build because it comes with a compact steel frame paired with caged pedals to provide you with reliable stability as you workout. It also has a saddle that can easily be adjusted horizontally and vertically to make sure you are comfortable in your workout stance. It also features pulse sensors that can be paired with Bluetooth chest straps for wireless monitoring of your heart rate. It comes with an emergency red brake button to ensure your safety for instances where you need an immediate stop. Transport wheels are also added for your convenience in mobility and transport.

The Good in the Norditrack S22i Spin Bike

Apart from all the features mentioned above, we can say that the Norditrack S22i Spin Bike is the perfect package for all sorts of users. This is a great choice for beginners and a treat for advanced to immediate bikers. This facilitates an optimized calorie burning and cardio training experience for its users. It is flexible, versatile, and easily customized to any type of workout you desire. Control is exceptional too with the help of the touch screen monitor along with the adjustable saddle and resistance settings. Its high-technology 22” screen is an excellent tool for those who want to experience high-quality and virtual workout settings. This is gentle on the knees and is a fit for every type of workout and fitness enthusiast.

Drawbacks of the Norditrack S22i Spin Bike Review

The Drawbacks of the Norditrack S22i Spin Bike

While this comes with amazing features, we can say that there are still some drawbacks to this model. The first one would probably be the assembly as it can be quite complex and overwhelming to someone who has never assembled anything before. It has more than 150 parts and it definitely requires attention to detail. The other part would be that it is leaning to a more expensive price range as compared to other models. Though its price can be justified by the features that come with it, it may not be a good fit for those who want to stay within their budget.

Who Is It for?

The Norditrack S22i Spin Bike is definitely for someone who wants to invest and capitalize on health. This fitness equipment is reliable, durable, and effective in providing the best workout experiences for all user levels. It is for someone who wants versatility in their workouts as this allows a huge range of options to personalize the intensity and quality of workouts.


Health is a critical part of a person’s capability to enjoy all the fruits of his hard work and perseverance. Without it, all the achievements and possessions you have acquired will be hard to enjoy and put to good use. Fitness equipment such as the Norditrack S22i Spin Bike is an excellent investment that one can have. The drawbacks of this bike are overpowered and almost put to a subtle and unnoticed stance because this definitely has everything you need for achieving your fitness goals. If you are looking for a bike that you can start with and end up using for a long time, this is definitely the bike for you.