Papaya Commonly Used as Beauty Product Ingredient

Papaya, as we commonly see it, is a fruit that we eat from our homes on mealtimes or during snacks. It is orange in color and also tastes very sweet. As a product of the bounty of nature, it is rich with vitamins and nutrients that supplement our body’s needs. However, papaya is not just limited to being a food. It is also effective and famous in the cosmetics industry as a beauty product ingredient.

As to why papaya is commonly used as a beauty ingredient, the reasons will be discussed further below.

#1. An Excellent Exfoliator

One of the very reasons why papaya is incorporated in many skin products in the market is because of its excellent exfoliating properties. Exfoliation is basically the removal of the old skin cells found on the epidermis layer to replace them with newer skin cells. In this way, the skin will reveal a smoother and healthier complexion.

The process of exfoliation actually roots from the enzyme “Papain” abundantly found in the fruit. It has similar properties that of the AHAs or the Alpha Hydroxy Acids which main task is to remove dead skin cells. Many other skin products contain AHAs, which just makes Papaya as effective as those.

#2. For Producing Smoother and Stronger Skin Tone


Aside from exfoliating the skin, papaya is also famous for smoothening and promoting elasticity in the skin. With its skin renewal properties, most especially the presence of the digestive enzyme Papain, papaya is effective in reducing wrinkles to produce healthy skin.

Papaya can fade dark spots to even the skin tone and indirectly promote skin lightening. Because the skin becomes weak due to its tissues that are continuously stretching through age, wrinkles inevitably form.

Two fibers, elastin and collagen, contribute in the firmness of the skin and they are also important in repairing its elasticity. Papaya enters and helps rebuild the fibers to produce stronger skin, prevent the development of wrinkles and basically reverse the aging process.

#3. Treats Acne and Removes Dark Spots

Research has shown that papaya contains antioxidant activities and mucus membranes healing process. The said study found out that papaya actually improves wound healing of the body, most especially to the skin. Hence, papaya is effective in treating acne or pimples and is able to fade and remove dark spots. It works by opening clogged pores which can cause excessive production of oil and then remove the skin cells that have already died on the surface.

Papaya has been used for centuries to treat acne and results have always been successful. Aside from its exfoliating capabilities, it uses a holistic approach as a natural source of skincare regimen, especially that it is able to treat acne and pimples and producing smooth skin afterwards.

#4. Contains Important Nutrients


Papaya in its very roots contains vitamins that are very important for a good health. As a fruit and food, it contains Vitamins B and C which are both antioxidants and anti-inflammatory that protects the body from free radicals in the environment.

The enzyme Papain also contributes in promoting good health by aiding it in the digestion and breaking down of proteins. In the world of cosmetics, the vitamins derived from papaya, specifically vitamins A and E, are both excellent as an anti-aging agents in the skin.

#5. Derived From Natural Sources

The best thing about papaya is that the fruit, as an active ingredient of many beauty products, is simply derived from natural sources. And so, users can guarantee that it’s safe and does not have any harmful effects which we can commonly find in strong and harsh chemical products. It is rich with nutrients and vitamins that promote the skin care effects naturally.

Aside from that, papaya is an all-around fruit which means availability is not an issue since people can always find papaya and beauty products from the fruit whichever store they go. With this trend, papaya beauty products tend to be cheaper in price, however, it is always a guarantee that the effectiveness is never sacrificed.

Aside from being a natural product, papaya has many reasons to be excellently integrated in many skin care beauty products. Whether you’re just trying out or finding for soap products to start with, flawless papaya soap is recommended to experience the beauty of papaya skin care