Praise Kink

Praise Kink – What it is? Although praise kink has received more attention in recent times, the concept is still unclear by many, even some kinksters.

You don’t have to be a perfectionist to understand praise kink. This guide will help you learn everything you need to know about praise kink. It will show you how to do it, what lines are best, and how to have fun doing it.

What is a Praise Kink?

Praise kink is also known as affirmation play, or a good girl’s kink. It involves the dominant or top person praising their submissive/bottom partner by giving them compliments, kind words, and other praise.

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Now, praise kink doesn’t just mean including praise. This is a common element of power exchange relationships and kinky scenes. This is the main focus of any interactions if you have the kink or wish to include it in an activity.

This is the main difference between kinks/fetishes or sexual interests. A praise kink can be an essential or even required component of sexual pleasure and arousal. You won’t be able to grasp the meaning of praise kink if you don’t get that.

You might find the whole thing too much if you don’t have praise kinks. This is similar to any other kink; they can be quite bizarre to people who aren’t turned on by them.

Nobody knows where praise kink came from. Some people believe that the phrase has been around since the 1980s. The Internet has made it more common to use the phrase, and possibly even practiced it.

The Psychology of Praise Kink

The Psychology of Praise Kink

It is a good feeling to be praised and told you are valuable. If you’ve ever been complimented for your work on a school or work project, it’s likely that you felt something similar. The euphoric feeling of praise kink is amplified and sexually charged.

Focus – You can praise someone and focus on their strengths, which is often important in D/s. You may find praise that is specific to a skill, behavior, or body part that makes you happy when you try praise kink. This is similar in nature to body worship, although it usually goes the other way with submissive worshipping their dominant body.

Praise kink can be used to highlight a person’s worth. They are not only skilled at giving oral instructions, but they also have the ability to work hard and strive for perfection. There is no surprise there are people who love to please and who are service-oriented. It’s possible for a partner to show how much they care by doing praiseworthy activities.

Embarrassment and The Draw of Discomfort 

However, there’s another reason people love to praise kink. It can be embarrassing to receive kind words. We know what it’s like to be unable to accept a compliment.

For those who have a praise fetish, however, it’s still possible to enjoy the embarrassment of being wrong. It’s almost like you might like to tickle despite feeling uncomfortable.

Humiliation? It may cause feelings of humiliation. You probably know that erotic humiliation exists.

Praise kink might be an exciting extension to that. The discomfort is not caused by harsh words but because we are unable to accept kindness. We want to believe in others who are kind to us, even though it is difficult.

It’s possible to be masochistic as well as emotionally. It’s taboo to feel uncomfortable. You may also take pride in your ability to manage discomfort. This element is part of BDSM.

How Do Praise Kinks Start? 

How Do Praise Kinks Start

Early experiences – Although there isn’t much research on praise kink psychology in the literature, some people may develop a need for excessive praise after they don’t get enough praise during their childhood. Perhaps they heard only harsh words. It’s not a new idea to think that your interactions with others caring for you as children will impact your future relationships. It’s actually a crucial component of attachment style theory.

The natural need to feel valued – If you don’t hear kind words, you might wonder if your work is a burden or if people actually feel about you. It’s important to praise kink. You are hot, sexy, and talented.

Inadequate recognition – Praise kink may be appealing to people who work hard but don’t get much recognition. They will feel valued in at least one area of their lives if they are praised.

Your love language – If your love language is words of affirmation, you might gravitate towards praise kink.

Why Praise Kink is a Dominant Emotion 

The dominant partner may enjoy being able to judge their partner’s behavior and train them. Even though they may feel uncomfortable initially, it could be used to help your partner accept compliments and praise your kink. Who doesn’t love building confidence in the people they care about?

Praise kink, like most activities, can be done safely. It doesn’t matter how much you or your partner agree to it.

Praise kink is also a good option for gentle domination. It doesn’t involve harsh punishment. Interactions should be intimate and sweet, and positive rewards should be used for those behaviors that you desire, rather than punishment.

Do You Want a Praise Kink? 

You might now be wondering, “Do you have a praise kink?

As we have already stated, everyone enjoys receiving and giving praise. A praising kink is a different way to give and receive praise. If you’re the submissive with a praise kink, it might be enough to reward your hard work.

You might be a submissive person if you aren’t accustomed to it or don’t think about it. You might feel a tingling or a shiver when you receive praise from your partner, especially in sexual situations. You might feel your heart rate rise or recognize other signs of sexual arousal. You might have a praise kink.

A praise fetish can be described as the desire of a submissive. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that dominants won’t lavish praise on their submissives. They may not feel the same way about their praise kink.

A dominant can praise their submissive partner with just a few kind words.

A Couple of Misconceptions About Praise Kink 

Love Language vs. Praise Kink – If you love words of affirmation as your love language, then you might also like the praise kink examples. Praise kink may not be the same as a love language.

While being praised sexually can make you feel loved, it’s not always a good thing. It is sexually explicit and can lead to more sexual pleasure and better orgasms.

Praise Kink & BDSM – While praise kink can be a kink in some ways, it doesn’t mean you have to be. Even though they are not very vanilla, many people find it enjoyable to hear a well-placed praise phrase.

Some Examples of Praise Kink Phrases 

Examples of Praise Kink Phrases 

Here are some examples of phrases that you can use for praise kink. 

  1.  Good boy/girl/pet
  2.  Good job
  3.  You have a beautiful body.
  4.  I adore your breasts.
  5.  The perfect penis is yours.
  6.  Perfect pout!
  7.  You have the most charming smile.
  8.  Your lips are perfect for kissing.
  9.  Your sex is all I can think about.
  10.  You always dress to turn on me ( how do you dress sexy).
  11.  You are a sex lover.
  12.  Your calves make me crazy.
  13.  I love your [sexual activity]!
  14.  You are always able to find exactly what I need.
  15.  Extra boy/girl
  16.  You are my pride.
  17.  Sweet boy/girl/pet/thing
  18.  You listen so well.
  19.  We are grateful for your amazing blow job.
  20.  It is possible to take a spanking.
  21.  When you do [activity], it drives me crazy
  22.  That’s all.
  23.  Take a look at yourself.
  24.  It’s as simple as that.
  25.  It’s good, it’s faster.
  26.  It’s amazing to feel this way.
  27.  I will show you off to everyone.
  28.  It’s easy to believe that you can do it.
  29.  Accessories will make you look like a celebrity. A BDSM collar would be a great example.
  30.  You are Mommy/Daddy’s best girl/boy/pet.
  31.  This is my girl/boy.
  32.  You’re so huge
  33.  You know exactly how to use your [body] part.
  34.  It feels great to be in your [body part].
  35.  Perfect little girl/boy/whore
  36.  So I can take you in with my eyes, please sit still.
  37.  You don’t know what you’re doing with me.
  38.  Who is my pretty girl?
  39.  Tell me about yourself (requires that your partner compliments you)

These praise kink phrases are often used to describe specific body parts or actions. Be specific. Your partner should be able to identify the comments. It should be authentic.

You’re there for a reason. Use the reasons you love them as the basis of your praise. You can reference your lives together, nicknames, and even inside jokes. Many people find the power of hearing their name to be powerful.

You can also comment on the sensations, sights, sounds, and other experiences that you are having at the moment. If praise kink helps, think of it as an extension of thanking your partner.

When words fail, a content-based sign can say it all.

You might also consider if you are a dominant user. This will allow you to say some of these dominant words to your sub.

Get the most out of praise kink

What is a Praise Kink

You might be wondering how to take praise kink to the next level after you have tried it a few times. Communication is crucial in sex and praise kink. Talk with your partner about what you like and dislike. Be aware that even though a praise kink phrase may seem positive to you, it is not guaranteed to be positive for your partner.

It is possible to discover why your partner doesn’t enjoy certain praises. If you have low self-esteem, you might be able to push through these barriers by sharing your praises.

Sometimes, all that is necessary to make a praise kink sentence hit the mark is to adjust it slightly.

You want to use praise kink phrases or nicknames you love with your partner. You don’t want your life to be boring. Be creative. You might need to brainstorm praise kink phrases before you start scenes. It can be difficult to concentrate during these sexually charged scenes.

It’s not about what you say

The dominant can praise the submissive verbally or over text with praise kink phrases. You can also praise kink in a scene.

  •  Submissive must repeatedly write a line about how beautiful or talented they are or about how their dominant loves a particular body part.
  •  To show appreciation, the dominant pats the body of the submissive.
  •  After every spanking or swing of the paddle, the submissive repeats a line like “I’m deliciously alluring.” If you have a submissive count, this works well.
  •  The dominant physically restrains the submissive by bondage or by holding them down and extolling them.
  •  The dominant must be praised by the submissive.
  •  The dominant compliments their partner publically, whether at a play party, dungeon, meet, or in a blog entry or vlog.
  •  The dominant caresses, bites, and spanks the body parts in their complementing ways.
  •  The dominant looks in the mirror or takes photos of their body while complimenting others.

Risks of Praise Kink

Praise kink is definitely less dangerous than many others, particularly those that can cause physical harm. There are still risks involved in praise kink.

Replacing everyday compliments – Your kink should not replace compliments, kind words, or affectionate words in your daily life. It is normal and healthy to share those words with your partner without worrying about whether it’s part of a sex game.

A regular compliment can sometimes make your breath catch in the throat as it triggers your praise obsession. You should include traditional compliments.

Self-esteem is not created by praise. It doesn’t solve self-esteem problems. It can actually make things worse if you base your self-esteem on the opinions of one person. You can spiral down if your relationship is disrupted or you have to deal with a loss.

You can have healthy and lasting confidence only if you are yourself. Therapy is more effective than praise kink if you are struggling with this. You shouldn’t be able to enjoy praise kink as a substitute for building self-esteem.

The praise must be genuine. Submissive can feel that the praise isn’t sincere or that their partner is somehow presiding over them. Although praise kink may seem excessive, it is possible to mean the compliments, and your partner should not be surprised.

If you haven’t talked about praise kink, dominants need to be cautious with excessive praise. Someone who isn’t aware they are being involved in praise kink might find it disingenuous to receive a lot of compliments. You can test the waters by using a little more flattery than usual to see how your partner reacts.

You might need therapy if you have difficulty believing that your partner is being sincere when they compliment you.

Many people love praise kink, and there are no negatives. Those who find BDSM a little too harsh will especially love praise kink.


Evie Lupine, a Kink educator, has created a video that further explains praise for kink as well as how to explore it.

Now that you understand what praise kink really is, it’s time for you to go out and practice some praise kink phrases!

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Hope you liked reading this article about praise kink, what it is and some example of kink phrase. Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.