How To Use FENUGREEK HAIR PACK for Hair Growth

Hair is a person’s pride and glory. However, due to various factors like hormonal imbalances, dust, pollution, stress, nutritional deficiencies, people start to experience drastic hair loss. Instead of letting this bring you down, just get your hands on some easy home remedies that will help prevent hair loss and leave you with stronger and thicker hair. One simple ingredient that has been found to be very effective is fenugreek (also known as methi).

Fenugreek seeds are known to be extremely beneficial when it comes to hair loss or hair fall. Making a fenugreek hair pack or hair mask will help reduce hair fall, prevent premature white or grey hair from surfacing and strengthen your roots, enhancing the general texture of your hair and giving it more volume.

For those who are interested in having healthy hair, here are some simple DIY methods that you can try out.

Method 1: Fenugreek Water

This is a very simple method. All you have to do is put ¼ cup or 2 tbsp of fenugreek seeds in a mug full of water and leave it to soak overnight. Strain the solution the next day and use the fenugreek seed water to wash your hair.

Known to have natural moisturizing properties, it will strengthen your hair and nourish it, repairing all damaged hair. Its anti-bacterial properties will prevent you from having an itchy scalp and will keep your hair well-nourished so that you don’t suffer from dry hair or dandruff.

Method 2: Fenugreek Yogurt Hair Mask

For this second method, you will need 3 tbsp of fenugreek and some yogurt. Start by taking the fenugreek and leaving out in the sun to dry until it is nice and crisp. Then put it in the mixer and grind it till you are left with a fine mixture.

fenugreek and yogurt for hair loss

Take this powder and mix it with yogurt. Use a spoon to mix the powder well or it will start to form lumps. Leave it to soak overnight or for at least 3 to 4 hours. By the next morning, the fenugreek yogurt mixture will have turned into a thick mask.

Apply this once a week for about 10 minutes onto your scalp. If it agrees with you, you can even apply it for 20 minutes. However, you should avoid using this hair mask if you have a cold or sinus problem.

Method 3: Fenugreek Paste Hair Mask

Another simple home-made hair mask recipe would include taking a cup of fenugreek seeds and soaking them in water overnight. The water will cause them to swell up.

Fenugreek Paste Hair Mask

Next day, take the seeds and grind them into a paste of medium consistency. Once this is done, take the paste and apply it gently to your scalp. Avoid being harsh or pulling your hair as this will simply aggravate the damage. Keep this paste on for about an hour and then with the help of lukewarm water, rinse it off.

The lukewarm water will make it easy to get the paste out of your hair. Use this treatment at least once a week and soon you will start to grow shinier and thicker hair. This treatment will also protect your scalp from infections.

Method 4: Fenugreek Seeds and Coconut Hair Oil

Take a tbsp of pure coconut oil and add 2 tsp of fenugreek seeds to it. Boil both the ingredients together until they develop a brownish red color. Leave it to cool. Once the oil is lukewarm, remove the fenugreek seeds and use the mildly warm oil to gently massage your scalp.

Fenugreek seeds hair oil for hair growth

Don’t rub the oil too harshly as it may damage your scalp and cause further hair breakage. Leave the oil in your hair overnight and shampoo it the next morning. Use this treatment two times a week and you will soon witness the twin benefits of coconut oil and fenugreek seeds.

Not only will it make the roots of your hair stronger but it will also make your hair smoother and easier to handle.

Method 5: Fenugreek Seeds and Egg Yolk

Another simple method that involves egg yolk is done by soaking a cup of fenugreek seeds overnight and grinding it in the mixer the next morning so that a paste is formed. Then add an egg to it and mix thoroughly. Apply this paste onto your scalp and leave it on for 45 minutes.

Fenugreek seeds and egg yolk

Use normal water to wash the paste off and then shampoo your hair to get it smelling good again. Not only will this method improve hair growth but it will also make your hair stronger, shinier and silkier.

With the help of these effective fenugreek hair packs, you can now kiss your hair fall worries away and finally revel at your crowning glory!





  1. Yes, we do have a remedy for most of the scalp infections like psoriasis and alopecia.Onion Juice is a reliable option for the same .All you have to do is cut onion into four and blend nicely to make fine juice or juice can be extracted using a juicer.Using a spreading brush or a cotton ball, apply this mixture gently onto the scalp and massage gently to help the follicles absorb the moisture.Let it sit for 20 minutes to half an hour and wash off. Use a mild shampoo if need be.

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