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When one of our staff was experiencing neck and shoulder pain, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to try out the Primate Posture Brace. The brace claims to bring your body back into its natural alignment and connects this to a host of health benefits.

We put it to the test and have the full Primate Posture Brace review here for you! Take a look at what Sandeepa had to say about her experience.

Why It Appealed To Me

I work at a desk job and over the last couple months by about 2 hours into my workday, I would start to get neck pain while sitting in front of my computer. After seeing numerous allied health professionals (Physio, Acupuncture, Massage, Chiro, Osteo, MD) it was determined that the neck pain was a result of an injury to one of my shoulders weakening it causing it easily to become knotted up, slouched forward and not properly aligned causing muscles that support my neck to go into spasm. BAM: neck pain.

When I Used It

I have worn it at work for an hour or two at a time, I also take it home with me and sometimes wear it doing chores around the house after a long day and my body was tried to ensure my poor shoulder alignment wasn’t going to affect my neck poorly the next day.

How It Worked For Me

The brace has been a work-day life saver it has allowed me to gently position my shoulders backwards, work to strengthen and properly engage my upper back muscles/lats such that my neck and upper back is properly aligned while working at my desk throughout the day.

As the brace is comfortable, I have been able to wear it for longer periods of time especially at the end of the day when I am tired and need the postural support the most! As a result, my neck pain has begun to subside and this has made it bearable to work at my desk for the whole day again!

How It Made Me Feel?

Having your shouldered positioned properly by the brace is excellent as it allows you to understand how ‘up to your ears’ or slouched forward your shoulder really are. The brace provides that tactile feedback and leads to muscle memory of where your shoulders should be i.e. not up to your earlobes!!

Life B.B. (Before Brace)

Before I found this product I would try to do something similar with a yoga strap, which worked well but would always need to readjust it and it could never just stay snuggly in place as the strap would just simply be tied in front of the body. The Primate Brace stays perfectly in place because of the soft fabric and adjustable secure nature of the Velcro, which is ideal because you can wear it for more than 5 minutes without having to be constantly tightening it!


For all the pros, see above!! The only con I could think of is that because brace is adjustable (necessary in order for it to fit snuggly), there is a lot of Velcro to fasten it. If you are wearing a nice knit sweater the Velcro may pull the fabric, and it’s not very comfortable to wear with a tank top because it can be scratchy. Simple solution: wear a comfortable cotton sure while wearing your brace.


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