Correct Way To Do Push Ups To Get A Broader Chest

The classic push-up has never gone out of style. Why has it managed to withstand new exercise fads that pop up on a regular basis? Because it works! It’s true that you can build your chest muscles using dumbbells, barbells, and weight machines, but push-ups are just as effective and can be done anywhere.

I know women who hate them, but still do them to keep their breasts from sagging. Men want to build a good physique. How can the simple push-up help these people, and you, achieve such a goal?

All it takes is a couple of tools and a few variations of the original exercise. Lets take a look at some of the best chest workouts to get the broader chest you always desire.

#1. Put Your Feet Up

No, it’s not time to take a break. I’m talking about elevating your feet to work your upper chest muscles. Put your feet on a chair (keep them together) and place your hands shoulder-width apart. If a chair is too high, use a step or some other object that elevates your feet, but is lower than a chair. Work on getting to the point that you can increase the height of your feet and finally use a chair.

Remember to look forward whenever you are doing push-ups. Actively engage your core and keep a straight line from your heels to the back of your head.

#2. Change Hand Positions

Have you ever played with the position of your hands while you were doing push-ups and noticed a different feeling in your chest? I would expect the answer to be yes. When your hands are wider, you work the muscle fibres on the side of the chest. When they are closer together, you target the upper chest muscles. To get a broader chest, include both hand positions in your workout.

#3. Discover Pike Push-ups

What are pike push-ups and why should you care? Well, this variation of the basic push-up not only targets the upper chest, but the shoulders as well. I love exercises that do double duty.

Now when you do them, make sure to keep your body aligned properly and lower your nose to the floor.

That actual push-up requires you to take the classic push-up position and then walk your hands back and you raise your hips in the air. Do your push-ups in this position. Also see this 5 push up variations to increase your upper body strength.

Go ahead, give it a try. Feel the difference?

#4. Take It To The Wall

Dare I say, do wall push-ups! They have to be the hardest ones out there. But, no pain no gain. Here’s what you do.

  • Find a wall
  • Place your hands on the floor
  • Flip your lower body over so that your feet are on the wall (arms and bodies should be straight)
  • Do your push-ups

A word of caution: have someone spot you in the beginning. They can help you flip over and come back down.

Doing push-ups in these different positions will help you better target your chest muscles. Together, they will give you the broader chest you desire.

Have you already tried one of these or do you think that there are more good chest workout that should be included in the list? Let us know, we are looking forward to your comments and feedback.