Dr. Jordan Sudberg combines his background as a physiatrist and as a pain management specialist to treat patients at his sports rehabilitation practice. Working from offices on Long Island, he provides nonsurgical options to people who have experienced musculoskeletal injuries like sprains, breaks, and tears. Under his care, Dr. Jordan Sudberg helps athletes and nonathletes alike return to their previous activities without having to endure the lengthy recovery period that normally follows surgeries.

As a specialist in sports rehabilitation, Dr. Jordan Sudberg has the expertise to diagnose issues ranging from acute injuries like toe fractures to chronic issues like osteoarthritis. For each new patient who comes to his practice, he conducts a comprehensive review of the patient’s family and personal medical history. Dr. Sudberg then conducts a physical exam and, if necessary, orders additional imaging, which may include MRIs or X-rays. Upon diagnosing the problem, he recommends a treatment plan.

Dr. Sudberg’s practice is staffed by a team of health care professionals ready to provide the full spectrum of care to patients. A licensed physical therapist combines her skills in manual therapy with her knowledge of exercise and other modalities to help patients overcome their injuries. The practice’s chiropractic team works to relieve pressure on joints and soft tissues, helping patients to recover faster. In addition, a team of massage and acupuncture therapists offer treatments aimed at reducing pain and discomfort during the healing process.

Dr. Sudberg himself has years of experience in the medical field. He holds an MD from St. George’s University and a bachelor of science in psychology from Yeshiva University. His clinical training saw him complete an internal medicine internship at Staten Island University Hospital and a physical medicine and rehabilitation residency at North Shore Long Island Hospital.

Following his postgraduate training, Dr. Jordan Sudberg began his career by serving as a physician at medical offices across the greater New York City metropolitan area. Working as a physiatrist and a pain management specialist, he gained experience treating patients experiencing a range of common musculoskeletal injuries. In 2014, he opened his own practice in Manhattan’s Herald Square. He led the practice until 2019, by which time he was working at his current practice, Spine and Sports Rehabilitation, on nearby Long Island.

With a main office is Islandia and satellite offices elsewhere in the area, Spine and Sports Rehabilitation is easily accessible for Long Island residents in need of a sports rehabilitation specialist. Owing to the quality of his care, Dr. Jordan Sudberg and his staff have regularly earned positive reviews from patients. Spine and Sports Rehabilitation maintains a 4.9/5 rating across online review sites, and Dr. Sudberg himself was named as one of his area’s best physicians on the 2021 Best of Long Island list.

Besides commending the quality of the treatments at Spine and Sports Rehabilitation, the practice’s patients have noted the friendliness and personability of Dr. Sudberg and his staff. Dr. Sudberg speaks English and is conversant in Spanish, and as a patient-first doctor, he prides himself on communicating clearly with patients so they can understand their injuries. Recognizing the value of a strong doctor-patient relationship, Dr. Sudberg strives to work cooperatively with everyone who sets foot in his office to determine the best treatment plan for them.

As a certified physical trainer and kinesiologist, Dr. Sudberg has the expertise to advise patients on how exercise and other movements can play an important role in aiding the recovery process. In addition, he draws on knowledge from his time as an exercise physiologist, a role he held at Columbia University Presbyterian Hospital prior to beginning his medical career.

Dr. Jordan Sudberg knows firsthand the importance of physical activity and can advise patients on how and when they can return to their athletic pursuits. An athlete himself, he was once a competitive skier and is now a certified tennis instructor via the United States Tennis Association.

Dr. Jordan Sudberg engages with the exercise field as a member of the American Council on Exercise and the American Fitness and Aerobics Association. His professional affiliations also include the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians.