Rise Of Athleisure Wear

For the first time in history, Athleisure is surpassing jeans as the top fashion trend. Athleisure is bigger than a trend, as evidenced by the people who wear yoga pants anywhere.

Each decade is remembered for its fashion trends. In the 70s, it was bell bottoms, in the 80s, everything was big from the hair to the shoulder pads. During the 90s, grunge wear was in. This decade isn’t over quite yet, but there’s a good chance it could be defined as the athleisure decade.

We’re seeing a major shift in fashion, as people are choosing comfort as one of the dominating must-haves in their clothing. This has created a new category of clothing, as the industry works to meet the demands of the consumers. Athleisure is a form of casual dress defined by yoga and running bra tops, and yoga pants made from soft, stretchy materials such as Lycra and spandex.

Changing Trends

People are not only opting to wear athleisure wear as part of their casual dress, but it’s making its way into the business setting as well, as companies design stretchy clothing that is not only comfortable, but looks professional as well. While businesses used to thrive selling blazers, polos, and cardigans, they must now change their strategies to meet the growing demand for comfortable clothing.

Looking Ahead

As we look into 2018, it doesn’t seem that the athleisure trend has any plans to slow down. In fact, as athleisure wear continues to dominate the fashion industry, we should see new, innovative trends on the horizon. Aside from wanting to be comfortable, people also want to find a way to integrate technology into their fashion. We should expect to see wrinkle- and odor-resistant technology, built-in heat technology, and perhaps even Bluetooth technology to keep us connected.

Athleisure wear is changing the way people dress and making them feel more confident thanks to its comfortable clothing options. Its versatility allows people to go right from work to the grocery store, their kid’s soccer game, or even the gym without having to haul extra clothing around with them. Americans generally lead busy, on-the-go lives and crave simplicity wherever possible, which makes athleisure wear a great solution.

Athleisure trend 2017

What is Athleisure?

Athleisure started with Sharon Stone wearing a GAP black t-shirt with a Valentino skirt at the 1996 Oscars. Casual, comfortable clothing designed to be used for athletic and leisure purposes. Athleisure has been around in urban areas for decades.

There are many celebs that are carrying these outfits and are coming into limelight and it has become a fashion trend now. The strongest and most competitive trend of the following decade, Athleisure seeks the attention of the high profile celebrities.

Athleisure is such a fashion trend that is being appreciated starting from kids to older people. It adds comfort to what you wear and at the same time it looks good. Add some funny printed yoga pants with a sports Tee or a sports top and you are done. It is the first time in fashion history, it’s called trendy when you wear a funny printed yoga trouser with high hills. This outfit is such which you can also wear as a formal one.

A great thanks to Athleisure these days because of the added comfort it gives us. Some imagination and some hints to create your own cool look is what you call Athleisure look. Combination of athletic clothes with fashionable comfortable clothes and a decent pair of Nike sneakers is going to give you a killing look among the crowd.

Amazon, one of the famous online shopping portals is working on a new set of Athleisure collection which is going to attract the huge mass. Few brands that fits well with a good quality and a reasonable price:

  • Zella has great tops and leggings.
  • NIKE – tops and shoes.
  • Patagonia has good collections of sweaters.

Starting from yoga, gym, lounging and for real outfits – Athleisure can be worn anywhere. My love for these outfits is for the comfort that I get and also at the same time I am confident enough about the fact that I am ready to move out of the doors for something.

Athleisure trend is stronger than ever. Starting from Instagram to any fashion magazines Athleisure will take its way on a daily basis. Its quiet acceptable as a street wear, on a date, on a pub or on a party. In spite of so much of acceptance all over along with its comfort level, there is still a question mark whether it is acceptable as a work wear or not.

Not all workplaces are the same

If you are working in a corporate profile where you have restrictions for regular attire it’s better to keep you Athleisure outfits inside your cupboards for your weekends or after shifts. Even if you are not having restrictions for attires one should keep in mind about the clients senior officials and should not offend anyone in the office with your own dress codes. If you are working in a creative profile like photography, media, fashion, makeup industry – good news carry on with your Athleisure and give added profits to the sellers.

To nail the Athleisure look one should add the contrasting fabrics stating “street wear” or “casual wear”. Some of our favorites include denim, leather, blazers and junk accessories. Additional effort to tie up the hair – well it’s a no, since bed hair will be an add-on to the casual smartness and it may be turned into “just woke up and am out”.

Be confident with whatever you wear!