Should You See a Chiropractor Before or After Exercising

Back and neck issues can happen to just about anyone at any given time and are seemingly without rhyme or reason. Of course, there are sore backs due to too much lifting, exercise or simply moving wrong, but athletes in top physical shape can also experience spine or neck injuries.

If you have experienced neck or back pain before, you know seeking professional help from a chiropractic clinic is the best way to remove your pain.

One of the biggest questions asked of a chiropractor is if a person should exercise before or after a visit to their chiropractor for an adjustment.

Working Out After an Adjustment

The majority of chiropractors will tell their patients to wait and work out after they have had their weekly or monthly adjustment. The main reason behind this answer is that your muscles and bones will be more flexible after an adjustment. This is always helpful when exercising, no matter if you are an amateur or a world-class athlete.

Relaxed Muscles

Another plus to getting an adjustment before you plan to work out is that it helps your muscles relax. This is important depending on what type of exercise you will be doing. If you are planning on participating in weight lifting, you want your wrists and other joints to be flexible, yet strong. Having an adjustment of your neck and spine can help your arms become relaxed and allow you to hold heavier weights. A chiropractor in Alpharetta, GA or your area can help with this by providing targeted adjustments that enhance joint mobility and reduce the tension in your muscles.

Relaxation and improved flexibility can lead to more effective workouts, as your body is better prepared to handle the physical stress of lifting weights. Furthermore, chiropractic adjustments may help prevent injuries by ensuring that your body is properly aligned and your joints are moving smoothly. This can be beneficial before engaging in activities that require high precision and strength, such as weightlifting or intensive sports.

Stronger Joints

When you put off exercising until after a chiropractic adjustment, you will find that your joints are stronger. This is mainly because with adjustments, your body “lubricates” the joints, allowing them to move more freely and giving you more range of motion.

Working Out Before an Adjustment

One of the reasons individuals would want to wait for a chiropractic adjustment is because the decreased tension in the muscles can be dangerous. Depending on what type of exercises you are going to be doing, you want your muscles to be able to protect your bones, one of the main jobs of muscles. The tension in the ‘core muscles’ and paraspinal muscles is there to protect your spine from damage. Too much motion in the spine could be dangerous while lifting heavy weights or performing other exercises that rely on your back to stretch that much.

Be Sure To Stretch

If you are going to work out before your chiropractic appointment, it is important that you stretch properly. It doesn’t matter what type of exercise you are going to engage in, as long as your muscles are limber and you can move freely. You want to stretch so you avoid pain. An adjustment from the chiropractor is going to be a benefit to your body, not make things worse

It is important to keep up with your chiropractic appointments as well as your exercise routine. Being limber and lean is important to your overall health. Bi-weekly chiropractic appointments or even monthly appointments will help you maintain a good posture, which helps keep the headaches away, as well as help to strengthen your core.