This is the season for the holiday party circuit! Yes, it’s that time of year again where it is okay to eat, drink and be merry. While some may worry about the potential for those additional holiday pounds, others are planning their wardrobe. What other time of year do you get to dress to the nines and feel good about celebrating? Most people live for the holiday season, not just for the gifts, but because of the sense of community. We are actually out socializing! Something that seems to decrease as our dependence on our smartphones increases.

Plus, many enjoy taking some time off from work and just spending time with family. While it can get somewhat stressful, trying to take charge of gift shopping after work, attending parties and planning parties–it is usually all worth it. The wonderful memories created can last a lifetime. Plus, you get to look back at your pictures and say “Boy, did I look good!

When planning your holiday wardrobe, why not stick to a theme color of white? It does convey the pure white snow so often caroled in holiday songs, scenery and decorations. Moreover, you want to plan your wardrobe–that way, you have more time to just enjoy the party! At first, I had some difficulty finding a wide variety of dresses to suit any style. The good news is the well-known online shopping site for women, Tobi.com, offers them all in one place. With that in mind, here are six of our favorite and refreshing white dresses for a cool holiday look.

#1. Back Off Mini Dress in Ivory


You can’t go wrong with this fabulous dress. The ivory tone is striking against any skin color. Imagine taking a picture next to a fully decorated green Christmas tree, you can’t help but steal the spotlight. Yet, what many will notice are the strategically placed side cutouts and stunning gold belt. If you thought this was a plain white dress, you would be mistaken. It is so much more than that. Still, you won’t feel underdressed. This outfit is perfectly suited for any holiday cocktail party.

#2. Evernew Dress in Ivory


Sometimes, you just want to look like a fairy princess. This dress will help you do exactly that. With its flowy skirt and embellished neck, you will feel both flirty and feminine. Without the rhinestones, this would be an everyday dress. But, the sparkles are what make it perfect for the holiday season. It is understated glam in every regard. The icing on the cake would be glistening studs and a chic clutch. You really don’t need anything else. Plus, you’ll have some extra room for that holiday meal.

#3. Rebel Rebel Faux Leather Dress


Who says you can’t look like a vixen during the holidays? Look, some parties were made for you to look hot, hot, hot! Not every celebration will be with family. Some will be with friends and others will be for singles. You’ve worked hard all year, it’s time to strut your stuff. This sleeveless white dress is fierce and playful all at once. Add a beautiful bold lip. Note the pencil-length skirt that makes it look sophisticated without looking any less sexy. Pair it with beautiful heels, and you are well on your way to dominating your next event.

#4. Covered the Basics Dress in White


With all of the sparkle of the holidays, it seems only fitting that you play your part. This dress will make you look as pretty as an ornament. Except, you won’t be hanging from a tree. What many people don’t realize is white can be just as dazzling as any other color. This dress proves that point directly. Just be prepared for a bevy of suitors waving mistletoe over your head.

#5. Power of Love Bodycon Dress in Ivory


A little lace never hurt anyone. If you’re ready for some romance, this is the dress to wear. It highlights all of your best assets, in all of the right ways. It is just the right amount of allure, without being too much. A dress like this doesn’t require too many accessories, it can stand out all by itself. What it does require is someone willing to be the belle of the ball. If that’s you, then you’ve found your perfect dress. And, if you’re all about that lace, ‘bout that lace—then you can browse for more white lace dresses here.

#6. Wild for the Night Dress in Ivory


Who says you can’t be wild during the holidays? It’s your time to shine, and let loose. You’ve slaved away for months at the office and finally have some time for jubilation. The last thing you want to is be another flower on the wall. Nope, instead you are the one flower to rule them all. Don’t forget to top off your look with a festive hair accessory. In the front, it’s all business. But the back, well, that’s where the party begins. The cutouts ensure people follow your lead wherever you go. Don’t turn around too quickly though, you might accidentally knock down all of your fans.

The holiday party circuit only comes once a year. So, why don’t you have anything to wear? Stop sulking, and start planning your winter white wardrobe.