A lot of people do not understand the amount of work that’s involved in achieving an impressive six pack. Some are genetically blessed with a nice defined flat stomach whereas others have to work for it. Just because you need to work for it should in no way put you off. A lot of people fail in their attempts to strip away that stubborn body fat and reveal their ab muscles because it becomes too much effort. It’s hard work, but definitely achievable.

This article will look at three of the top reasons you do not have a six pack. Correct these mistakes in your current routine and you will be well on your way to burning away stomach fat and obtaining a six pack!

Reason #1 – You Do Not Count Your Calories!

Yes it is possible to lose weight without counting calories but by counting your calories each day you take the guess work out of your weight loss attempts. To lose weight and burn fat we need to make sure we are eating in a calorie deficit on a regular basis. If we do not eat in a calorie deficit then our body simply cannot lose weight. Everybody has a set number of calories they can consume each day to maintain what they have. This is known as your calorie maintenance level.

You Do Not Count Your Calories!To find this out you can use an online calorie calculator or times your bodyweight in pounds by the number 16. This will give you a rough estimate of what your body’s current maintenance level is. Once we find this out, subtract 500 calories from your maintenance level and consume this number of calories on a regular basis to lose weight and help burn away that belly fat that covers your ab muscles.

Most people who do not count their calories fall victim to overeating. They THINK they are eating less than they actually are and then wonder why they are not losing weight. Counting calories and having a plan of how many calories are in each of your regular meals will ensure you hit your calorie deficit each and every day, helping you burn more fat and taking you a step closer to obtaining that impressive six pack.

Reason #2 – You Neglect Cardio!

Cardio is great for burning calories and ramping up your body’s metabolism. In case you don’t know what your metabolism is let me explain. Your body’s metabolism is the rate at which it burns calories. Our body burns a set number of calories throughout the day which is why we need to eat! To improve your chances of burning fat and losing weight we can perform regular exercise and cardio to boost our metabolism and make it burn off additional calories for prolonged periods of time.

You Neglect Cardio!Regular cardio and exercise can boost our metabolism for hours after exercise helping us burn more calories and lose more weight. Be warned that the boost in our metabolism through exercise is certainly not huge, but it will make a noticeable difference over the course of a week or so. Of course cardio and exercise is not only great for losing weight and getting a six pack but is also great for our health! If ever your fat burning results slow down then incorporating cardio into your routine 3-6 times a week will work wonders!

Reason #3 – You Lack Consistency In Your Routine!

Consistency is the key to getting a six pack. Depending on your current body fat levels a six pack will take you months to obtain. Without being consistent in your efforts to eat a calorie deficit and cut out the consumption of calorie rich foods in your diet you will not get a six pack. To build consistency in our routines we have to change our mind set.

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We have to constantly remind ourselves of why we are doing this and what we are trying to achieve. Tell yourself each and every day that you will not quit until you reach your goal of a visible six pack no matter what! Tell yourself that there will be days when you feel like quitting and straying from your healthy diet and when these times come you need to hang in there and stay strong!

You Lack Consistency In Your Routine!Try setting yourself some goals that you can refer back to when times get tough. Goals are powerful and help motivate us to work towards something we know we want. Write them down on paper and hang them up in your kitchen to constantly remind you of what you are trying to achieve. Reward yourself when you achieve a short term goal and focus on staying positive.

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Find some quotes, videos or pictures that motivate you and refer back to them each day. Listening to your favourite workout music is also great for motivation. All these minor things can ramp up your motivation levels and make you far more consistent in your efforts for a six pack.