SLS Lifestyle Review

Meeting new people and trying to find friends might be not easy if you don’t know where to look for them. It might be non-effective if your targets are out of reach and you have no idea how to get closer to them. It might be not that easy for young people.

But we have something to you! We would like to present SLS Lifestyle, – A social chat and dating website for the youth to meet new friends on mobile devices.

SLS Lifestyle Dating Website Review

SLS Lifestyle is a funny and easy way to get connected with thousands of young people who are seeking for friends just like you. Have you ever dreamt about having foreigner pen pal or snail mail friend? It’s possible with SLS Lifestyle. Now you can get in touch with somebody who shares same passions but even living abroad! If you are more into finding a friend who lives near your location, you can get a perfect match as well. Doesn’t matter where do you live and where are you from, SLS Lifestyle will connect you to other awesome people, just like you!

SLS Lifestyle is dating site with bunch of useful features, which are coming in handy when it comes to social networking and meeting new friends. All those features had been chosen wisely by application creator and developers, to make your friendship’s experiences more fun and effective.

With SLS Lifestyle:

You are allowed to search new users above the age of 18 years old, so be sure there’s no way you can meet somebody who is below that age. SLS Lifestyle keep an eye on profiles and every profile need to be verified. Age restrictions is our priority to keep you save and away from dangerous circumstances.

You can message users and your friends by simple and easy to navigate messages panel. Click on person you would like to talk with and connect with your pen pals anytime and anywhere you want.

SLS Lifestyle are giving you an opportunity to control your connections with other users and obviously decide with who you would like to contact. Do you have a problem with particular user? Don’t worry. You can report this person to our user’s service center or block this person. Safety goes first in website and any problem and report they are going to solve with right away.

SLS Lifestyle’s is a great and effective way to meet others who are sharing your passion and interests. If you both say yes, you are a match! Being a match gives you and your new friend a great way to know each other better.

Joining SLS Lifestyle is easy. If you have another social network account like Facebook profile, you can sign up to SLS Lifestyle by your personal account. They also promise that they are not going to post on your timeline. If you prefer more traditional way, joining them by valid e-mail address is possible as well.

SLS Lifestyle is a dating website targeted to young teenage people who would like to find a pen pal, a friend or a match. With super easy menu to navigate and no hidden fees its best way to give it a try and meet new interesting people around the world who are in your age, sharing the same passion and having difficulties to meet new people offline.

They are focusing on social media aspects of SLS Lifestyle website by creating a great opportunity to get young people acquainted with SLS system. By sharing their words to others, they can learn a lot about the world they are living in and about other cultures while making abroad friends. It’s an educational matter of SLS Lifestyle website.

SLS Lifestyle is the best dating website for the youth in the market right now. It’s available for IOS devices for free. It’s been created and consulted by social network professionals to give you the best experiences and opportunity to meet new friends. With SLS Lifestyle you will never get bored and the way to find a pen pal will be easier that you ever think it might be. Give yourself a helpful hand to make your social life vibrant and special.

How To Register An Account With SLS Lifestyle

SLS Lifestyle Signup page

Sign Up

The sign-up process for this site gives you a lot of choice – you can add as little information, or as much information as you like. Essentially you can sign up in about a minute and get on with using the site, or you can take as long as 10 or 15 minutes entering a great amount of detail about yourself – it’s up to you.

The first step of the sign-up process asks you to pick a username and password, and the second step is a more detailed information page which you can essentially bypass if you like. If you decide to fill out this page there’s a ton of information you can add such s you favorite foods, favorite books, your social media pages, and your feeder and feedie experiences. It’s refreshing to have complete control over what you publish about yourself.


This is one of the best parts of SLS Lifestyle site – there simply aren’t any costs involved because this just isn’t your traditional dating site. There are many such sites available that are sort of a cross between a regular dating website and a social media site that still offers paid memberships to their site for premium members. SLS Lifestyle is completely free and very much a social media site for bigger people, and in particular people who love to eat. There are no judgements here and no one is trying to get rich on your back.


There are a lot of cool features on SLS Lifestyle dating site that you won’t find anywhere else. This is a very well-developed site so here’s a look at the main features:

  • Customizable news feeds Video chat rooms
  • Ability to comment on photos
  • Powerful search engine with full customization
  • Geolocation features
  • Site is fully protected from non-authorized web access
  • Has both android and Apple apps as well

The bottom line is all the tools are there for you to interact with other like-minded people as much, or as little, as you like. The rest is up to you.

Why Join SLS Lifestyle(

There are a couple of reasons that make joining this site a great idea. Firstly, it creates a great social atmosphere for its members to interact in – there are no judgements here, you’re simply accepted for who you are. The other great thing about this site is that it actually provides a place for feedees and feeders to get together. In a small community like this it’s not always easy finding people with the same sort of interests.

How To Be Safe when Dating Online on SLS Lifestyle – (

SLS Lifestyle

Trust Your Intuition

Intuition is a powerful tool for knowing when something doesn’t feel quite right, so as you read dating profiles, responses to messages, telephone conversations, and actual dates, your intuition will help tell you if something is right or wrong. Try to apply the same standards to online dating as you would to meeting people in other ways. Online dating gives you opportunities to date a wide range of people, so don’t take any chances if something feels wrong & trust your instincts.

Don’t Provide Too Much Personal Detail Too Soon

Your home telephone number and your full name will provide an easy way to discover who you are and your address. Armed with your full name, a person can do online searches to potentially discover, where you work and what you do. Giving too much personal information can also leave you open to fraud! Also consider carefully before connecting with another user too quickly on a social network – this could allow people access to more information about you than you would like. Again, treat online dating in the same way as normal interactions; would you become “Facebook friends” with someone you just met in a bar?

Use a Free Email Account

Sign up for a free Yahoo!, Hotmail, or Gmail email account that you use just for online dating. Never put your complete name in the ‘From’ field – only your first name, a nickname, or even a false name! This strategy protects you from a person being able to use your usual email address to find out more information about you, or from harassing you if you decide not to continue communicating.

Use a Mobile Phone to Chat

When you decide to chat in person rather than online chat or email, never give out a home phone number. It’s common sense & an added protection until you get to know the person better and build some trust.

Beware of Married Men

It’s unfortunate, but some married men do use online dating services to try to find sexual partners. It’s usually pretty obvious early on that they are simply interested in sex, so again, if the conversation is going in directions you don’t feel appropriate, the SLS Lifestyle site has ways to stop them from continuing to contact you.

Look for Unpleasant Characteristics

As you talk via email and on the phone you may be able to start to pick out some characteristics of the other person. Do they seem to get angry easily? Do they avoid answering some of your questions? Do they seem controlling? These can be the unpleasant characteristics that tell you this may not be the person for you. If somebody writes something unpleasant, or inappropriate, don’t be afraid to make a complaint.

Request a Recent Photo

There’s nothing impolite in asking someone if their photograph’s are recent. There are people that put a ten year old photo online, so if they tell you the photograph is recent, you meet and they are much older, then you’ll know they’re a liar so feel free to cut short the date if you wish.

Use Paid Online Dating Sites

Although free dating sites are very popular & seem to provide the same service as paid ones, they don’t. Free online dating services provide a greater opportunity for potentially unsavoury individuals, simply because anyone can join & they don’t have any checking or moderation service to weed out scammers & people that behave badly. Their members don’t need to provide a credit card or any other verifiable information that identifies them, whereas with paid online dating you get what you pay for including added safety.

SLS Lifestyle Dating Website Review

Try to Meet in a Public Place

When it’s time to arrange your first face to face meeting, agree to meet in a public place and provide your own transport; never accept an offer to be picked up at your house. Make sure that a friend or relative knows where you are going, who you are with and what time you expect to get home. You could also ask them to give you a call at a pre-arranged time & even use this as an excuse to cut the date short if you wish. Your first meeting will tell you a lot about the other person, including whether or not they lied in their profile.

We offer these tips because there are “dodgy” people out there, but lets face it, you could meet them in a bar, a club, or even in the supermarket; in fact, in any walk of life & in any scenario. We do believe online dating is a great way to meet people that you would otherwise never encounter & many people do find the man/woman of their dreams through a dating website. But, as with any situation, you should always ensure your personal safety comes first.


Connecting with people is hard enough when you’re a little bit over weight, but when you actually consciously chose to be overweight it may be even harder. That’s what makes SLS Lifestyle so worthwhile, because it provides a place for people who love to eat and the people that love to watch others eat to come together as a community. If you fall into this category this is definitely the site for you.

Good luck in your search :o)