What is Cryotherapy

Not everyone has heard about this method, but actually it is not that recent. It has been used as a treatment since Egyptian times. New techniques are being used in this medical procedure and it is becoming really popular. They have been adapted and improved in order to achieve the optimum benefits of all its features with no possibility of harming ourselves.

Cryotherapy is any treatment that involves the use of freezing or near-freezing temperatures. This makes it really interesting because there has been a lot of results that make it really healthy for the body but also some examples of people committing mistakes and losing control of it. This mistakes are really uncommon because of the nature of the procedure.

On the other hand, this kind of technique is not just old, it also has a lot of advantages for your body. Actually, some health benefits have not been proven yet because of the technology evolving speed.

The most common methods.

It sounds really complicated but it is really simple sometimes, everyone has had an ankle injury and had a bag with ice put around the ankle. This is a really common method of cryotherapy called RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation). Other people just buy a cold pack to put around an specific part of the body, an spray or pay a massage therapist specialized in cryomassage, that is a way of massage that involves ice.

But the most important way of going through this is to have a cold bath or a contrast bath, that includes another hot water bath so your body changes pressure and temperature. This procedure must be done by professionals, and if you are an sportsperson or you need your body working perfectly for your work you should look for the best option.

Sports cryotherapy is being used in professionals levels, but now it is really common and affordable than you think. Since the development of this technique in the 70’s, when we started using nitrogen to cool our skin without freezing our subcutaneous parts, we have started using it to treat the pain and musculoskeletal disorders. Cryosense proves that there is an body improvement after the use of their nitrogen chambers or cryosaunas.

You can have a look at their web page where they give you the advantages of using this kind of therapy to increase your power, making you faster and increasing resistance to fatigue. It is also good to recover yourself from an injury or even after a really strong effort that could have make your body a little bit unstable. It relaxes your body after a physical event, increases muscular regeneration and reduces pain.

It is also good for mental balance, because doing cryotherapy makes you release endorphins that turns your mind relaxed and happy, motivating the athlete to improve.
Now that you know it, you will realize how common it is at sports.

Most of american pro-teams use cryotherapy to recover their athletes. NBA, NFL or MLB teams are use them on a regular basis. In Spain, Real Madrid has too a cryosauna where its players recover themselves after a training or a football match.

It is just a better way of recovering, making it easier, faster and really comfortable to the user. With this kind of cryotherapy your body will be stimulated without risk of hypothermia or after use illness, something that is common in other procedures like the cold baths. It is also the option for a really busy sport life, because it allows you to start your training just after you ended it.