Many people suffer from the problem of dry lips. When the lips dry out, they tend to become crack, chapped, unattractive, and rather painful. Even if a person takes precautions to take care of their lips they can become dry and damaged.

There are some ways that a person can solve the problem of dry lips and get healthy looking and feeling lips once again.

Use Lips Balms

While some lip balms and chap sticks are made to give the lips a glossy appearance and have a pleasant taste, there are others that are designed to cure chapped lips. There are special lip balms for dry lips that will help seal in the moisture.

These lip balms will keep salvia from evaporating out of the lips. The lips balms will also protect the delicate skin of the lips from the rays of the sun which can further dry them out. These lips balms should be applied several times a day and can continue to be used to protect the lips from drying out again.

Drink More Water

Water has many great health benefits. Water is needed to keep the cells of the body hydrated, and this includes the delicate skin on the lips.

If the lips are dried out, this can be due to lack of moisture and lack of water in the body. A person should drink at least eight, eight-ounce cups of water everyday to make sure the cells get the moisture that they need.

A person should increase their water intake to make sure the cells of the body including the lips have enough water to be hydrated properly.

Stop Smoking

People that smoke cigarettes know that it is bad for their health. Smoking is also bad for their skin including the skin on the lips. Smoking causes the water to evaporate. It also reduces the amount of oxygen that is able to make it to the cells.

Smoking makes the skin brittle and is prone to breakage. This shows on the delicate skin of the lips. If a person wants to have healthy lips that stay hydrated they need to put down the cigarettes.

Use a Humidifier

When the air is dry, the lips will tend to dry out. This is especially true in the winter months when there is not a lot of moisture in the air. During this time, many people also heat their home that also reduces the amount of moisture presents.

Purchasing a humidifier can help bring back some of this much-needed moisture to the air and keep the lips from drying out.

Apply Creams

There are certain types of creams that can be used for chapped and dry lips. These creams will help restore the moisture that the lips have lost. Shea butter and cocoa butter are top choices for healing dry and crack lips.

A little bit of these creams can be applied to the lips and allowed to dry. There are some oils that can also bring moisture back into the lips.

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Olive and coconut oil are both useful for treating dry and cracked lips. These items should be left on the lips. They can even be applied at bedtime and left on overnight.

Do Not Lick

Many people have gotten into the bad habit of licking their lips. A natural reaction of the body is to want to lick the lips when they are feeling dry. This will make them feel better. The opposite is true. Saliva is added to the lips from the mouth. This saliva will quickly evaporate removing even more moisture from the already dry lips.

When the saliva disappeared, it will also remove all the natural oils that are found in the lips making them even drier. It is going to be a hard habit to break but a person does not to stop licking their lips especially if they are dry.

Dry lips are uncomfortable but there are several ways in which a person can treat them. Making some small lifestyle changes such as drinking more water and using a protective lip balm can help bring the moisture back to the lips. In no time a person will have healthy lips once again they do not feel painful, rough, or dry.