Stoic Knee Sleeves Review

This Stoic knee sleeves review is to give you the valuable information needed to make a decision while searching for new equipment to invest in. Equipment is never necessary under most circumstances, but can make a huge difference when it comes to lifts.

Stoic vs. Other Brands

While searching through different knee sleeve brands I’m sure you see Strong, SBD, Rehband, etc. popping up all over the place. This makes sense since they’ve been around longer, but a new player with quality products has arisen.

Stoic knee sleeves look quite similar to every other neoprene based product out there and are 7mm as well. However, there’s a variety of reasons why I prefer this brand over others available. It’s not because other brands suck, but they just didn’t have a full round of what I wanted with my gear.

Reason’s I prefer Stoic knee sleeves:

  • Price is $15-$25 cheaper than other quality competitors
  • Stitching is durable and has yet to split open
  • Tiny grips circle the inside of the knee sleeve top and bottom
  • Length covers from top of calves to well above the knee onto thigh
  • Doesn’t get that awesome smelling knee sleeve stench too badly
  • Material is stiff but offers enough flexibility to perform weightlifting
  • Provides legitimate support and not just knee warmth
  • Approved in several competition federations

Durable and Affordable Knee Sleeve

Stoic Knee Sleeves

Rehband are sold as a single sleeve and added up still almost $80. Strong and SBD knee sleeves both cost around $20 or more per pair. This is understandable
since they got some well-known lifters supporting their brands and are well known.

However, Stoic knee sleeves are just as effective as these brands and are even more durable in my opinion. One brand I tried out called YiCompete worked very well for a bit, but couldn’t handle the wear from squatting often.

I was running the Smolov Squat Program during the first pair, and then PH3 during the second pair before it ripped.

The stitching came loose and tore open after two months. They sent a replacement pair free of charge and those ripped about three months of use. Stoic has been used a lot for over a year and still no issues with stitching.

My pair of SBD began to bunch up a lot over time, and afterwards started always sliding down. Stoic sleeves have not gotten to where they always bunch up, and the sticky grips inside the sleeves keep them in place.

In fact Stoic already had released this unique grip feature within the sleeve before other brands did. About six months later they were on other brand sleeves as well.

Are Stoic Knee Sleeves Competition Legal?

Many ask if these knee sleeves are competition legal. As per their website, Stoic is legal in the following federations:

  • IPF
  • USPA
  • IPL
  • AAU

Still you should always check to see if your equipment is legal before going to competition. Companies usually have to pay to be legal in federations now, so it’s not just random choices being shown to you.

I’m honestly a huge supporter for this brand’s sleeves, but I’m not in any way affiliated with Stoic. In my opinion they’re just that sturdy and supportive compared to others.

Plus it’s a lot cheaper as well (for the moment). This Stoic knee sleeves review was just to give you an idea of how well-rounded the equipment is. Going to end this with saying I’ve gotten several clients, friends, and coworkers to try them out and they too are happy with their purchase.


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