Sunflower Tattoo Designs with Meanings

The art of tattooing has already shown up in so many different cultures, like India and Japan. But European sailors and explorers first came across the concept of tattooing after encountering Polynesian settlers. The impact that the Polynesians have had on the West when it comes to tattoos can actually be seen in a classic piece of literature – Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, a book published in 1851. The story features a heavily-tattooed character named Queequeg, who hails from a right family, the son of a chieftain. Queequeg captures the imagination of the characters in the novel by telling tales about cannibalism.

As tattooing evolved as a way to express one’s self and as a form of fashion and art statement, it eventually became something that certain people would come to regret getting. This is the reason why it always takes a while for people to fully decide if they want to get a tattoo or not, and for the artist to create a design that both them the client can love.

If you’re currently on the lookout for a tattoo that carries a special meaning to it, then flowers are always the best option here. That’s because each flower carries a very special meaning, ranging from perseverance, to the flowers that bloom on your birth month.

Sunflowers represent Clytie, a water nymph from Greek mythology. She transformed herself into a sunflower after mourning the loss of the Greek god Apollo, who was her one true love. Clytie, after taking the form of a sunflower, always faces where the sun is, hoping for Apollo the sun god to return and be reunited with her once more. Daphne, another nymph, is also associated with the sunflower.

In China, sunflowers signify long life, luck, and is considered to be an auspicious symbol. The flower’s yellow color is meant to represent intelligence and energy, as well as happiness and positivity.

In Christianity, the sunflower symbolizes God’s love over his people. This is also a sign of Christians’ unchanging faith that could guide their soul to heaven when they pass on.

Simply put, the sunflower is gaining so much popularity across the world of tattooing, not only because it radiates positivity, but it’s also chock-full of symbolism as well.

Sunflowers have grown in popularity as a tattoo design through the years, since there’s just something so appealing about them, along with their real-life counterparts. This is all thanks to their stunning colors, and unique appearance. And not only that, they also carry a very deep meaning, making them twice as special and well-liked by both artists and wearers.

A sunflower is considered to be a source of energy, life, and happiness since they do associate themselves with the sun – The main source of natural light and energy for most living things. This is the reason why sunflowers have a rather huge following across the globe. They carry plenty of meaning and look pleasant to the eyes as well.

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Types of Sunflower Tattoo Designs

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The floral tattoo is always a beautiful concept, thus making it a popular design amongst tattoo fans. One of the most common floral tattoo designs are sunflower tattoos. In real life, a sunflower has a beautiful, elongated stem and gorgeous yellow petals, looking like the sun’s rays. A sunflower evokes the feeling of cheerfulness and brightness and is just as inviting and warm as a lovely summer day. The appearance of a sunflower is the main reason why these flowers attract so many people, especially during the spring and summer season.

Nowadays, the sunflower is slowly gaining popularity amongst tattoo designs, not just because it gives off such a positive and happy vibe, but also thanks to its symbolism. Women get more sunflower tattoos since it gives off a feminine and radiant vibe. A sunflower tattoo actually does have a versatile design to it, and men can get one too with a little bit of modification. There’s just so many designs you can do using a sunflower tattoo.

The sunflower brings out this type of joy that only a few flowers can match. Roses, for example, are commonly associated with romance. Sunflowers tend to deliver a sunny and bright day without any form of worries or stress. With sunflowers, it seems like everything is just alright with the world. Using this type of mood in your tattoo, it’s not hard to see why so many people choose to get this design.

  • Singular Sunflower Tattoo: A lone sunflower placed on your body is practically a complete design in itself, since there’s just something so enjoyable and calming about seeing this particular flower. This is the reason why it stands out so much amongst the rest. Apart from the simple floral options, the artist can create their own interpretation regarding the sunflower designs, creating something that’s both unique and beautiful.
  • Modified Sunflower Tattoo: The middle portion of the flower can actually be changed to achieve this purpose. For instance, the artist can incorporate a phrase or a word inside the middle of the sunflower, or include other symbols like anchors, stars, dreamcatchers, and arrows. Sometimes the petals of the sunflower is the one that’s changed – Incorporating flames, feathers, or bird or angel wings. Girls who want to find feminine-themed sunflower tattoos can ask their artist to do one with butterflies and hummingbirds.
  • Cluster Of Sunflowers: Instead of choosing to go for the singular sunflower, tattoo fans can try to use some highly creative tattoo design options, including cluster tattoo designs. Your artist can create a beautiful sunflower bouquet tattoo which can capture the attention of those who see it.
  • Sunflower And Rose Tattoo: Don’t just limit yourself to a bunch of sunflowers for you tattoo – You are free to include other types of flowers in your tattoo bouquet as well, such as cherry blossoms and roses. This can add to the overall aesthetic look of your sunflower tattoo. You can interconnect your varied group of flowers using vines, or even musical notes. The only thing needed here is the pure creativity of the tattoo artist, as well as the approval and suggestions of the client. In the end, you’ll get to wear something beautiful in regards to tattoo art.
  • Sunflower in Sleeve Tattoo: A sunflower tattoo actually looks good when you place it in a much bigger piece of art, since it looks so simple yet attractive. You can actually get your artist to do a huge sunflower field at your back, or place the sunflower inside your other tattoos, like a group of dolphins.

Meaning of Sunflower Tattoo

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Sunflowers are also happy flowers. The sunflower takes its name from its physical appearance, which is the sun itself. A sunflower creates  a decent amount of happiness and positivity, as well as longevity. It could also symbolize good luck, along with loyalty. Its bright yellow color means both intelligence and vitality. And yellow is often associated with happiness as well.

A sunflower tattoo is more than flexible. You can place them on your body in either big or small sizes, on whichever body part you choose. There are people out there who want to get a bit creative with their ink, telling their tattoo artists to change the patterns up a bit, as well as the type of sunflower according to their own traits. A sunflower can have a Celtic or tribal look to them, or incorporate a quote or the name of somebody special in your life.

In other cultures, the meaning of sunflower tattoo are longevity, luck, and wishing good health upon someone. But little do people know that sunflowers are also an auspicious symbol. But apart from that, it’s also a sign of positive vibes. According to Christian tradition, the sunflower is a sign of God’s love for his people. Other popular choices in flower-themed tattoos include dandelions, daffodils, lilies, lotus flowers, cherry blossoms, and roses. Although the options are limitless, sunflowers do have a vibrant aesthetic to them, and with that, so many energetic meanings as well. Acquiring a sunflower tattoo on any part of your body is sure to give off an inviting and friendly aura towards those who actually do see your ink, because these tattoos deliver strong, enthusiastic feelings. A sunflower also brings the same energy to those who wear it.

A little known fact about sunflowers is that they are also associated with chakra therapy or color healing, thanks to its primary color: Yellow. This plays a very important role in balancing the body’s chakras. The sunflower’s yellow hue carries a close resemblance to the solar plexus chakra, which is commonly associated with awareness, empathy, and intellect. So yellow, the main color of sunflowers, can also be called as the color of your mind’s consciousness. And because color therapy has a plan to balance your chakras thanks to meditating and building a harmony right inside your body’s color rays, the humble sunflower can find a nice spot inside this community of holistic healing.

People who wear sunflower tattoos, no matter what kind of design they have, usually means that they have a positive outlook in life. They are also known to be versatile, brilliant, and happy. Simply put, they’re as cheerful as the sunflowers themselves, and are confident about living in a world without anything holding them back.

There will also be individuals who end up getting a sunflower tattoo to honor the memory of a friend or a family member who passed away, letting the flower capture some of their best qualities. When this is the main reason for someone to get a sunflower tattoo, this could mean a strong bond between the person who owns the tattoo, and the one whom the tattoo is supposed to look up towards, or their own bright, shining sun. The best and most genuine bonds that the sunflower can represent are between close friends and family members.

Ideal Placement of a Sunflower Tattoo

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Much like other tattoo designs out there, the sunflower tattoo’s placement can also be ultimately decided by its size, as well as the intricacy of the final look. Sunflower tattoos which are much more detailed and larger can be placed on either your lower back, your back, your chest, your shoulder, your legs, your arms, your spine, and your stomach. Meanwhile, a tiny sunflower tattoo is the best for tinier areas such as wrists, ankles, fingers, the back of your ear, as well as the back of your neck. Perhaps the number one purpose behind saving so much cash and trying their best to withstand the pain of getting a tattoo done is to catch people’s attention. This is a motive that is accompanied by a lovely tattoo design, like the sunflower. The final design must be positioned perfectly on top of the person’s back.

A great thing about getting a sunflower tattoo is that you can customize it to your own liking. If you want to acquire a sunflower tattoo somewhere in your body, then you need to think carefully about your own choice. In the end, you’ll end up wearing a sunflower tattoo you can be proud of.

Sunflower Tattoos Preparation Tips

Always take time to look at options in getting their tattoo applied. As much as possible, hire an artist that has enough experience, and carries a professional affiliation that is absolutely trustworthy, and you can rely on and learn about safe tattooing.

Do not attend your appointment if you’re tired or hungry. Eat a decent meal before you go. Also be sure to observe proper hygiene. Your artist will definitely thank you for it.

A tattooing session could go on for hours, especially if you plan on getting a big one. Bring something to pass the time, like an iPad or a book. Even though plenty of these artists are friendly and willing to chat with you, it never hurts to bring something that can entertain you, especially if you end up with a quiet artist.

Just How Painful Is A Sunflower Tattoo?

If you were to ask someone, or a bunch of people, about the worst place to get a tattoo, then there’s a chance that all of their answers will be different. Not a lot of science and anatomy subjects deal with resisting pain while getting a tattoo. Perhaps the genuine sensation will only depend on the person’s tolerance for pain, each time they decide to get inked.

Sunflower tattoos are beautiful indeed, but they’re also quite painful to get – Depending on where you place them, of course. There are several spots on your body that aren’t as horrible as the rest. But the cold, hard fact is that you will always end up experiencing even just the tiniest amount of pain no matter where you decide to put your tattoo on. If you still haven’t chosen where exactly to place your first tattoo it’s important to know early on so you can get ready. You might want to think carefully about getting a tattoo if you have a low threshold for pain. Or maybe you can drink some painkillers before the session starts. Talking about the exact sensation and just how painful it is to get a tattoo is difficult, in general.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Getting A Sunflower Tattoo

  • Are You Supposed To Bring A Design With You, Or Just Talk To Your Artist About Creating One?

You need to bring a photo of your planned sunflower tattoo designs, if you want a completely detailed tattoo on your body. A tattoo artist isn’t always going to agree about your design on choice: Remember this when you make a consultation. On the other hand, plenty of tattoo clients out there aren’t exactly skilled at drawing either. They haven’t spent their lives honing the needed skills to create a good tattoo design.

Try to find a reliable tattoo artist to create your preferred tattoo design. It should be able to suit both you and your artist’s taste. An artist is always willing to create a perfect tattoo design for you, and some of the more experienced ones will create an original tattoo idea right off the bat.

  • What Sunflower Tattoo Design Should I Get?

It all depends on your personal taste. You can get whichever design you want for your sunflower tattoo, or anything else that your artist is willing to do for you and their clients. You can get them to recreate a painting on your wall, or simply build a custom piece. The only limit that you have is within you and your artist’s imagination. And when it comes to your choice of tattoo placement, just consider the line of work you’re currently in, as well as the people you associate with daily. You might want to think about putting your sunflower tattoo at a spot where you could hide it within your clothes, like at your sides or at your back.

  • How Should I Plan For A Larger Sunflower Tattoo

The very first thing you have to do is to talk to your tattoo artist. Some of the most artistic and largest tattoos always start with a cohesive plan. These tattoos don’t just deal with individual images that the artist connects together. They can produce huge back tattoos or sleeve tattoos with the current work already done, but everything just looks so much nicer when the two of you plan the design together and allow your artist to bring that plan into fruition. So make sure to plan your tattoo session right ahead, and don’t forget to save up some cash so that paying for these huge works of art will be worth it. Big tattoos always require loads of commitment and investment.

  • How Long Does It Take To Heal After Getting A Sunflower Tattoo?

A huge chunk of the healing process that goes into your sunflower tattoo will be completed after the first two weeks. But during this time, your skin is still healing, which means you have to wait for at least six weeks for your skin to go back to its past state.

  • What Do We Need To Know About Sun Protection Or Covering Up After First Getting Tattooed?

After you are able to get your tattoos, do not expose it to direct sunlight for up to one month. Apply sunscreen to it if you have to go out. Sunscreen helps you keep your skin looking fresh and young, by stopping the tattoo’s pigment from spreading across your skin and aging it too quickly.

  • Why Do Tattoos Start To Itch While Healing?

While your skin slowly heals, which happens a week after you’re done with the tattooing, it will begin to itch. Don’t worry, though – This is completely normal. A decent moisturizer can relieve the sensation, but do not scratch it. If your skin still itches after applying lotion, run it beneath some cold water for a couple of seconds, and it’ll be all gone.

  • Are There Any Rules Surrounding Self Tanner Or Spray Tans?

Getting a tan or a spray-tan before you get yourself a tattoo is more or less good. The tan does not affect your tattoo – But during the process itself, the artist will remove your tan as they apply the tattoo, so try not to get it a few days in advance – So the tanner is completely settled inside your skin. And in regards to the tattoo, this will give you loads of time for it to heal, and reduce the possibility of getting an infection.

Factors Affecting Sunflower Tattoo Pricing

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The amount of experience the artist has, combined with their skills, are the best factors in determining the final cost of the tattoo. A skilled tattoo artist will charge big bucks for their service. Normally, the average artist charges by the hour, but they’ll also end up charging you for the final price of your tattoo, especially if it’s a sunflower tattoo design which they can do in pretty much an hour or two. If the artist of your choice has been tattooing for so many years but don’t have skills – Or if they don’t have too much experience but are very talented in creating designs – Then they don’t really have the right to charge you for a premium pricing. That’s because a good tattoo artist must have enough of both experience and skill to rake in those big bucks.

Tattoos that have a singular color aren’t that pricey as compared to a colorful one. That’s because a fancy, colorful sunflower tattoo needs plenty of detail and the more detailed a tattoo is, the bigger the amount of time it takes to finish.

One more factor that could affect the price of your tattoo is the geographical location. This means that the final pricing for your tattoo is much more expensive in bigger cities, compared to smaller towns. A large tattoo done in the US could cost thousands of dollars, especially since it’s found in a metropolitan location. However, the same tattoo design done in a small-traffic city only costs hundreds.

The bigger your sunflower tattoo design might be, the more expensive it can get – While the tinier the tattoo, the cheaper it definitely is.

Sunflower Tattoo Maintenance Tips

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Taking good care of your tattoo is a completely straightforward process. Each artist has their own advice when it comes to making your tattoo look good as new. In most cases, taking care of a new tattoo is very simple. The healing just needs to speed up a bit so it won’t get infected.

After the tattoo session is done, keep the bandage on for at least an hour, and no longer than five hours. Do not place a brand new bandage on top of it, unless your artist says so. Once the bandage has been removed, wash your tattoo thoroughly with warm water and rinse it with unscented liquid soap. Then pat your tattoo dry using a clean dry towel or napkin. Allow your ink to dry for at least another hour before beginning the aftercare process.

Place a thin layer of scent-free lotion and massage the tattooed area, up to the point where the skin no longer looks moist. Do not apply a thick layer of lotion. Always check to see if the product you’re using for aftercare is fragrance-free – This is important because scented creams can contain chemicals which could lead to an infected tattoo. A&D ointment isn’t recommended either since it contains a high amount of petroleum jelly. Petroleum can prevent your pores from breathing, which is important for a tattoo to heal up. It should be able to breathe well so the pores won’t clog up.

Always keep your tattoo cleaned up using soap and water. Cleaning is the most important part of the entire healing process. It’s just a matter of common sense. Wash it more often if you have a career that deals with running around or getting sweaty.

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